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From BlackEnergy to ExPetr

Much has been written about the recent ExPetr/NotPetya/Nyetya/Petya outbreak – you can read our findings here:Schroedinger’s Pet(ya) and ExPetr is a wiper, not ransomware. As in the case of Wannacry, attribution is very difficult and finding links with previously known malware is challenging. In the case of Wannacry, Google’s Neel Mehta was
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Schroedinger’s Pet(ya)

Earlier today (June 27th), we received reports about a new wave of ransomware attacks spreading around the world, primarily targeting businesses in Ukraine, Russia and Western Europe. If you were one of the unfortunate victims, this screen might look familiar: Kaspersky Lab solutions successfully stop the attack through the System Watcher component. This te
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Microsoft Security Updates November 2015

Microsoft posted four critical bulletins today, along with another eight rated Important and lesser. Microsoft’s summary is at the Technet site. All in all, the software maker is patching a large number of vulnerabilities this month, with 37 CVE listed vulnerabilities being fixed with the four critical Bulletins alone. On the bright side, Mic
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Credit Union Watchdog Shoots Down Data Encryption Rule

Even after suffering a data breach, the organizationĀ in charge of overseeing the needs of credit unions has cast off the idea of implementing a rule mandating the use of encryption for data transfers.Despite the breach, the National Association of Federal Credit Unions, or NAFCU, is insisting that many credit unions follow best practices, and that any additi
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