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Guarding the Crown Jewels: The Importance of Intellectual Property Security in the Age of Sprawl

As organizations march into the digital age, data sprawl is accelerating. Information of all kinds is stored everywhere, accessed by multiple people many times a day and shared across corporate and international boundaries. Most organizations do not have a handle on data locations, ownership and flows outside of regulated or compliance-related information. T
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Back to Filing Cabinets? Simplifying the Complex Task of Data Security

Data drives our businesses, economy and daily lives, so it comes as no surprise that data security needs to be a priority. But do we know what data we really have, where sensitive information is being collected and stored, what is happening with the data and where it is ultimately going? How do we build security around critical assets that we need to protect
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Location! Location! Location! Managing and Protecting Critical Data in the Age of Sprawl

It should be no surprise to anyone that the digital age has created data sprawl. Information and critical data are no longer confined to desks and filing cabinets in locked rooms, but stretched across the enterprise in locations far and wide. Data locations first expanded to structured databases, then unstructured local user systems and then file shares. As
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Data Security: Securing Your Most Important Asset

With data now moving freely among corporate networks, mobile devices and the cloud, today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape demands a more comprehensive approach to protecting sensitive information assets. As infrastructure expands to meet the needs of new services and technologies, companies must think beyond just their IT department. Specifically,
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Data Discovery and Classification: Will You Do It or Let the Attackers Do It for You?

We’ve heard the phrase crown jewels a lot lately. We aren’t talking about royalty and alarmed glass enclosures, though. We’re talking about data classification — specifically, the most valuable data in the enterprise. This is the data that, if it falls into the wrong hands, could mean significant damage to a company, government, health care
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Cloud computing and government: an evolving partnership

Since 2010 at least fifty governments have published strategies or initiatives that focus on cloud computing, with the trend accelerating in the last year. This growing focus on cloud adoption demonstrates that governments, like businesses, have a keen interest in realizing the benefits of cloud computing – often not just for the public sector, but their cou
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7 Precautions for Protecting Against Perpetrators

Cyberattacks and data breaches continue to dominate the news globally. The reality is that most organizations face the same often reported threats and are carrying on their work towards counteracting those risks. Some organizations victimized by cybercriminals have shared information publicly. Others have chosen to conduct investigations and share informatio
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Data Classification: Crown Jewels or Costume Jewelry?

What’s the value? Data classification is hard. When I was working in the realm of credit card data as a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), one of the things that I always found interesting was how companies protected their credit card data versus the rest of the data in their organization. Often, businesses had placed many additional controls around th
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Data Classification: As Easy As 01 10 11

Forrester analyst John Kindervag recently presented an interesting webcast, outlining the top recommendations to enhance data security. One of his main points that stuck with me involved the concept of simplifying data classification into binary’s most basic premise: the value of either one or zero.Using this method, Kindervag states two types of data exist
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