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Estonia to Build Off-Site Data Center in Luxembourg

Lots of companies have disaster recovery data centers located far from their headquarters, but Estonia is the first government to build an off-site data center in another country. The small Baltic nation will make backup copies of its critical data infrastructure and store them in Luxembourg if agreements between the two countries are reached. The idea is th
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Industry 4.0 Drives a New Era of Mainframe Security

During the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, last year, Industry 4.0 was the main topic of discussion. It was dubbed the fourth industrial revolution, a new technological vision for the entire IT world in which mainframe security plays a crucial role. In this world, the mainframe contains roughly 75 percent of enterprise data and 65 percent of act
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Apple internal development servers compromised by a malware

Apple’s design lab internal development servers was infected by a malware so the company ended its relationship with Supermicro server supplier. It was mid-2016 when Apple’s design lab internal development servers was infected by a malware that was masquerading as a fake firmware patch. In response to the security incident, Apple purged its data
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Ethernet consortia trio want to unlock a more time-sensitive network

The demand from Internet of Things, automotive networking and video applications are driving changes to Ethernet technology that will make it more time-sensitive.Key to those changes are a number of developing standards but also a push this week from the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory to set up three new industry specific Etherne
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Bank’s Data Center Shut Down for 10 Hours Following Loud Noise

A bank’s linked services went offline after a loud noise during a fire extinguishing test caused damage to hard drives stored at its main data center.On 10 September, ING Bank conducted a drill to evaluate the fire suppression system at its main data center in Bucharest, Romania.The fire preparedness plan involves the release of inert gas stored in cyl
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Today's supercomputers will get blown away by these systems

The Department of Energy says the $40 million it is investing in nearly two dozen multi-year projects will result in exascale computing systems that perform calculations on data 50 to 100 times faster than today's most powerful supercomputers.The DoE Exascale Computing Project says such high-performance computing systems can make at least a billion billi
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U.S. senators want airline IT meltdowns to end

Two high-profile airline technology meltdowns stranding thousands of travelers in the recent weeks have prompted two US senators to push carriers to bolster their technology.Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.)this week sent a letter to the most recent offenders -- Delta and Southwest -- as well as 11 other airline
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Cisco patches critical exposure in management software

Cisco has patched what it called a critical vulnerability in its Unified Computing System (UCS) Performance Manager software that could let an authenticated, remote attacker execute commands.+More on Network World: Quick look: Cisco Tetration Analytics+Cisco UCS Performance Manager versions 2.0.0 and prior are affected and the problem is resolved
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Arista infringes on Cisco networking patents, trade agency says

In a move that could lead to a ban on selling its products in the United States, the US International Trade Commission has ruled that Arista does in fact infringe on a number of Cisco’s technology patents.Arista now must decide if it wants to ask the US government to overturn a so-called “import ban” or ask that an appeals court toss the decision, observ
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IDG Contributor Network: Beyond Acronyms: Humanizing Big Data and Information Governance through Mindful Storytelling

“Data governance applies to everything that we do,” shared Janice Haith, Department of Navy’s Deputy CIO. And, being responsible for complex, mission-critical initiatives such as enterprise architecture, software licensing, information assurance, data and help desk consolidation, and compliance, to name a few – means there is a lot of data to be dealt wi
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Gartner: ‘Insider threat is alive and well on the dark Web’

National Harbor, Md. -- Corporate employees who help carry out cyberattacks are increasingly being sought and are seeking criminals to hire them, a Gartner analyst told a group at the consulting firm’s Security and Risk Management Summit.A group of 60 CIOs and CISOs she worked with say this recruitment is more active and becoming a larger concern because
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It's Buddy Week

It’s ecosystem partnership week. And data center stalwart Mellanox, SDN start-up Plexxi and Cisco partner vArmour have all delivered.Mellanox buddied up with Cumulus Networks to add Cumulus Linux NOS to its new Spectrum 10/25, 40/50, and 100 Gbps Ethernet switches. Mellanox itself has made multiple contributions of 10/25, 40/50, & 100G Ethernet switc
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VMware, Cisco SDNs bring home the bacon

In the scramble for SDN supremacy, Cisco and VMware usually bark about users who opt for one of their solutions over the other.In all the noise, it’s rare to hear from one that plans to implement both.But that’s what SugarCreek, a $650 million, privately-held food processing and packing company based in Washington Court House, OH, is doing in its softwar
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Network security primer: What is access control?

During its testimony on security weaknesses among federal agencies this week, the Government Accountability Office detailed a number of critical elements that make up effective protection systems.Among the systems the watchdog agency detailed was the key components in access control which is typically the technology an enterprise uses to regulate who has
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Microsoft sets up data centers in Germany amid US surveillance concerns

Microsoft is delivering its cloud services, including Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online from two new datacenter regions in Germany, in a move that aims to deflect customer concerns about access to their data by U.S. surveillance.The data centers, located in Magdeburg and Frankfurt am Main, will be unusual in that control over the data will not be
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