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How to Increase Transparency and Rebuild Trust After a Data Breach

As more companies suffer breaches and leak private data online, it becomes harder for organizations to be transparent and establish trust with their customers. Recent incidents have shown that many experts underestimated the total impact of a data breach in terms of the actual number of users affected and the volume of data made public. Many companies take t
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When Responding to a Data Breach, Cooperation Is Nine-Tenths of the Law

In recent years, several high-profile breaches involving customer data have led to long and costly litigations. These events demonstrated that data protection is more than just a cybersecurity concern. When responding to a data breach, legal teams have to work closely with the chief information security officer (CISO) to ensure that security policies, r
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Seeing Data Security Breaches With Your Own Eyes

Although you can never truly predict the unexpected, most security applications attempt to do just that. They use attack models built to defend against security breaches that follow known patterns or model behaviors using a series of assumptions about exceptions. The attacks that do get through expose the uncomfortable truth that determined attackers can sur
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Eight Myths Not to Believe About Penetration Testing

Penetration testing — the process of trying to break into one’s own system to find vulnerabilities before cybercriminals do — is an integral part of information security. The data gleaned from these evaluations can help companies remediate flaws in their security infrastructure before fraudsters have a chance to expose them. Dispelling Eight Penetratio
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Half-Year Roundup: The Top Five Data Breaches of 2017 — So Far

Data breaches aren’t slowing down. If anything, they’re set to break last year’s record pace. As noted by 24/7 Wall Street, the 758 breaches reported this year mark nearly a 30 percent increase from 2016. If cybercriminals keep it up, the total number of attacks could break 1,500 by the end of 2017. Top Five Data Breaches of the First Half
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Outsider or Insider: Who Will Cause Today’s Data Breach?

In today’s cybercrime landscape, threats come not only from all sides, but also from within. In its annual Threat Intelligence Index, IBM X-Force called 2016 the “year of the mega breach.” As threat actors become more sophisticated, enterprises must deal with outsiders who target corporate networks to steal product, client and customer data
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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Industry: Second-Most Attacked Sector in 2016

The information and communication technology (ICT) industry has evolved greatly over the last several decades. The interconnected nature of ICT devices and systems, along with modern society’s dependence on the technologies and services this sector provides, increases the risk of cyberattack. Furthermore, firms in this industry often act as a clearingh
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Can You Guess the Cost of a Data Breach in the Asia-Pacific?

The Asia-Pacific is a region of unique contracts — rules, customs, cultures, languages, food and more. However, there is a common thread that glues the region together: On the whole, it is growing. Per capita income is rising, and so is consumerism. Markets are growing at a remarkable rate and show no signs of slowing. Organizations are embracing cloud, mobi
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March was biggest month for compromised data yet with 1.4B exposed email addresses

With over 1.45 billion compromised accounts, emails, social security numbers, dates of birth, and other data types, March was the biggest month for exposed data this year.   Seventeen companies reported data breaches in March, totaling 1,449,373,000 breached accounts. Major companies, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Coupa, and McDonald’s (Canada), experie
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February 2017: Breaches increase, scattered across many industries

Lookout tracks breaches related to companies and services that may impact customers with our Breach Report feature. Breach Report looks at the largest companies globally, and reports on those breaches to provide  customers the most relevant information. It also provides remediation actions to help keep them safe. Interested in getting Breach Report? Upgrade
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Everything you need to know about data breaches in January 2017

Lookout tracks breaches related to companies and services that may impact customers with our Breach Report feature. Breach Report looks at the largest companies globally, and reports on those to give customers the most relevant information to them. It also provides remediation actions to help keep them safe. Interested in getting Breach Report? Upgrade to P
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U.S. Top-Ranked Globally in 2016 Data Breaches, Finds Report

The United States takes the number one spot worldwide in data breaches disclosed last year, revealed a new report analyzing breach activity in 2016.Risk Based Security’s annual report released on Wednesday found that the U.S. accounted for nearly half – 47.5 percent – of all incidents, and a whopping 68.2 percent of all exposed records.Close to 2,000 breache
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2016 data breaches: A look back at a big year of data loss

Though we still have a little less than a month left in 2016, this year has proven to be one of the most significant years for breaches. We dove into the data using Breach Report, Lookout’s new feature that tracks and alerts users about such incidents, to bring you a deeper look at what breaches really looked like in 2016. Of course, criminals also put name
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Amazon Denies Data Breach Rumors but Resets User Passwords Just in Case

"Out of an abundance of caution," as every company likes to say these days, Amazon has started resetting passwords for a select list of users who had their personal details exposed online.The company says that nobody breached its servers, but that it took this step after its security staff discovered a set of customer details posted online as part
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Hacker Steals 58 Million User Records from Data Storage Provider

An unsecured database has allowed at least one hacker to steal data from the servers of Modern Business Solutions (MBS), a company that provides data storage and database hosting solutions.The company has yet to provide an official statement to the press surrounding the incident, but they have secured the vulnerable database against external access.Responsib
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