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Why Bromium Is Not Just Protection, But Also An Enhanced Predictive Analytics Solution

Zero-day attacks exploit vulnerabilities or security holes in software. In the event of a malicious attack on any microVM, malware payloads cannot infiltrate the enterprise network. LAVA provides highly specific details about every malicious breach, identifying external IP addresses, memory exploits, a list of affected files, and covert attempts to connect
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Cloudera unveils in-memory store, security layer for Hadoop

Just ahead of the opening of Strata + Hadoop World in New York City tomorrow, Cloudera today unveiled a new open source project to enable real-time analytic applications in Hadoop and an open source security layer for unified access control enforcement in Hadoop.The first project, Kudu, is an in-memory store for Hadoop that supports high-performance sequenti
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New Analytics Tool Defines Language Used By Malicious Domains

OpenDNS has gone public with a new tool that uses a blend of analytics principles found outside information security to create a threat model for detecting domains used in criminal and state-sponsored hacking campaigns.NLPRank is not ready for production, said OpenDNS director of security research Andrew Hay, but the threat model has been proven out and fals
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