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WordPress Malware Causes Psuedo-Darkleech Infection

Source: The National Archives (UK) Darkleech is a nasty malware infection that infects web servers at the root level. It use malicious Apache modules to add hidden iFrames to certain responses. It’s difficult to detect because the malware is only active when both server and site admins are not logged in, and the iFrame is only injected once a day (or o
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Darkleech Update – November 2014

Just wanted to document some latest changes in Darkleech behavior that may help you detect it. I’d like to thank internet security enthusiasts who share their findings with me. Without you, I could have easily missed these new (?) details. Quick recap Darkleech is a root level server infection that installs malicious Apache modules. The modules inject
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Working With the Darkleech Bitly Data

Data Driven Security took the time to analyze the raw data that I published in my recent post on Sucuri blog about how I used Bitly data to understand the scale of the Darkleech infection. In their article, they have a few questions about data formats, meaning of certain fields and some inconsistencies, so I’ll try to answer their questions here and ex
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