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DarkHotel APT uses VPN zero-day in attacks on Chinese government agencies

DarkHotel nation-state actor is exploiting a VPN zero-day to breach Chinese government agencies in Beijing and Shanghai Chinese security-firm Qihoo 360 has uncovered a hacking campaign conducted by a DarkHotel APT group (APT-C-06) aimed at Chinese government agencies in Beijing and Shanghai. State-sponsored hackers used a zero-day vulnerability in Sangfor
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Microsoft Patch Tuesday updates for February 2020 fix IE 0day flaw

Microsoft February 2020 Patch Tuesday updates address a total of 99 new vulnerabilities, including an Internet Explorer zero-day exploited in the wild. Microsoft has released the Patch Tuesday updates for February 2020 that address a total of 99 vulnerabilities, including an Internet Explorer zero-day tracked as CVE-2020-0674 reportedly exploite
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APT28 hackers are leveraging NSA Hacking tool to spy on Hotels guests

According to FireEye, the notorious Russia-linked APT28 group is behind an ongoing campaign targeting hotels in several European countries. According to FireEye, the notorious Russia-linked APT28 group (Pawn Storm, Fancy Bear, Sofacy, Sednit and Strontium) is behind an ongoing campaign targeting hotels in several European countries. The researchers observed
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APT Groups don’t go under the grid after a successful attack!

What happened to some of the APT groups behind clamorous cyber attacks? Why they don’t go dark anymore after being outed, a behavior completely different from the past. I’m sure everyone remembers the Sony attack occurred in 2014, when the US Government blamed the North Korean Government for the attack, materially executed by a hacking group dubb
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Defeating Darkhotel Just-In-Time Decryption

Authored by: Arunpreet Singh and Clemens KolbitschThe use of runtime-packing of malware has long become the standard to defeat traditional AV products. At the same time, malicious programs are continuously becoming more evasive to avoid being detected by first-generation sandboxes. New waves of malware are now combining thes
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DarkHotel APT Employs Just-in-Time Decryption of Strings to Evade Detection

For decades, the field of computer security has evolved as a cat-and-mouse game between security researchers and malware authors. When the former devises new methods to detect malicious programs, the latter incorporates into their software dormant functionality scenarios and a variety of other evasive techniques – four of which are now particularly common am
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Darkhotel APT Latest to Use Hacking Team Zero Day

The fallout from the HackingTeam data dump shows no signs of abating. Since the controversial surveillance software maker was hacked and 400 Gb of its data posted online in early July, a handful of zero-day vulnerabilities and exploits were publicly leaked and continue to find their way into the hands of criminal and state-sponsored hacking groups.The latest
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Travel Security: It’s a Tough World in the Competitive Trenches

You are ultimately responsible for your travel security, be it physical or technical. But this is a tall order. You are most vulnerable when you move and travel because you operate outside of your daily pattern of life, including connecting to the Internet via a third-party service provider with which you may not be familiar. There is no shortage of unscrupu
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Hotel ANTLabs InnGate Internet Gateways vulnerable against remote exploit

The presence of a vulnerability in the ANTLabs InnGate devices used in hotels and conference centers exposes users to risk of remote exploit. Recently the security firm Cylance has discovered a vulnerability (CVE-2015-0932) affecting the ANTLabs InnGate devices that are popular Internet gateway for visitor-based networks like
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Hotel Internet Gateways Patched Against Remote Exploit

ANTLabs today is expected to roll out patches for a vulnerability in its InnGate Internet gateways that are popular in hospitality and convention locations.The gateways provide temporary Internet access to hotel guests or conference attendees using kiosks, for example. The vulnerability (CVE-2015-0932), discovered by security company Cylance, gives an att
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Executive Cyber Intelligence Report: December 1, 2014

This report was prepared by The Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) and The Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI) to create better cyber situational awareness (Cyber SA) of the nature and scope of threats and hazards to national security worldwide in the domains of cyberspace and open source intelligence. It is provided to Federal, State, Local,
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Hackers Use DarkHotel Malware to Exploit Executive Targets

Hackers are using a sophisticated form of malware to target business executives visiting luxury hotels in Asia.Two primary uses of the “DarkHotel” have been observed thus far, according to Kaspersky Lab. The first involves hackers spearphishing executives with bogus alert messages for software updates. These messages, which pertain to trusted software such a
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Darkhotel – Cybercrime crew targets execs using hotel Internet

Kaspersky revealed that a crew of criminals dubbed Darkhotel targets executives traveling across Asia through hotel internet networks. Security experts at Kaspersky Lab uncovered the Darkhotel espionage campaign, which is ongoing for at least four years while targeting selected corporate executives traveling abroad. According
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Darkhotel APT Group Targeting Top Executives in Long-Term Campaign

APT groups tend to be grouped together in a large amorphous blob of sinister intentions and similar targets, but not all APT crews are created equal. Researchers have identified a group that’s been operating in Asia for at least seven years and has been using hotel networks as key infection points to target top executives at companies in manufacturing,
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