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New Toolset Linked to Wiper Malware in Sony Hack, Finds Researchers

Researchers have discovered two new utilities that are closely associated with the wiper malware used to disrupt the computer networks of Sony Pictures Entertainment last year.After phishing for employees’ login information, the attackers responsible for the breach used a strain of wiper malware known as “Destover” to wipe the files off of
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Damballa revealed the secrets behind the Destover malware that infected the Sony Pictures

Security researchers at Damballa Willis McDonald and Loucif Kharouni have conducted a deep analysis of the Destover malware used in the Sony Pictures attack. Security researchers at Damballa Willis McDonald and Loucif Kharouni have conducted a deep analysis of the wiper used by threat actors in the Sony Pictures hack. The expe
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CoreBot Adds New Capabilities, Transitions to Banking Trojan

As researchers expected it would, CoreBot, the credential-stealing malware that surfaced last month, has added a bevy of new capabilities and reinvented itself as a robust banking Trojan.Researchers said the malware shares more similarities with Dyre, another high profile banking Trojan, than a run of the mill data-stealing Trojan.Perhaps the malware’s
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Click-Fraud Attacks Being Used to Deliver More Sinister Threats

Click-fraud is traditionally thought of as a widespread but low-impact online risk. Using this method of attack, criminals steal money away from pay-per-click (PPC) online advertisers by commanding another person or bot to click on an ad for the purposes of generating a charge per click. No actual interest is generated by these fake clicks, and the advertise
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Malware Analysis: Investigating the Right Security Alerts

Faced with an average of 17,000 security alerts a week, security professionals play the ultimate guessing game when choosing which alerts to investigate. They can investigate an alert that proves to be a true threat and thereby shut down an attack, or they can waste valuable time investigating a security alert that proves to be a false positive, while true p
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Study: Enterprises Wasting Time, Money Hunting Down False Positives

Unlike threat actors, enterprises have finite resources to dedicate to the war on malware. Even if enterprises had the means, however, throwing more money and people at malware containment wouldn’t necessarily level the playing field. The good news is that organizations can do much more with what they already have and make an impact. According to a stu
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New Studies Proving Non Immediate Reaction of Antivirus Tools to Threats

It has been outlined that most antivirus software do not detect all the malware and other threats that they should, leaving room for infection and motivating companies to look deeper for more effective solutions to the problem of online security. The safety of an internet user against a threat of a virus infection is analogous
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Backoff infections rise up to 57 percent increase in Q3

Security firm Damballa issued the ‘State of Infections Report Q3 2014′ that highlights a 57% increase in infections of the notorious Backoff POS malware. Security experts at Damballa security firm detected a 57% increase in infections of the popular Backoff malware in the third quarter, the number of infections was
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