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Google Widevine DRM flaw allows to easily download videos streamed

A Google Widevine DRM flaw in the Chrome browser can be exploited to easily download videos streamed from websites such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. The flaw was discovered by researchers from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel and the Telekom Innovation Laboratories in Germany. According to the experts, the issue exists in the Google’s i
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Chrome DRM bug makes it easy to download streaming video

Security researchers have discovered a vulnerability in the Google Chrome browser that could allow users to bypass itscopy protection system and download content from streaming video services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. According to Wired, Google was alerted to the problem on May 24, but is yet to issue a patch.The vulnerability centers around the W
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How to install the AceDeceiver malware onto any iOS Device

AceDeceiver is the first iOS malware that abuses certain design flaws in Apple’s FairPlay DRM to install malicious apps on iOS devices even non-jailbroken. Hackers are exploiting a flaw affecting the Apple digital rights management technology (DRM) to install malicious apps on every iOS device, even non-jailbroken ones. Last month, security experts at Palo A
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Adobe updates its e-reader - DRM data no longer transmitted insecurely

Adobe has published an update to its cryptographically-challenged Digital Editions 4 e-reader software.Digital Editions lets you read eBooks, but thanks to the exigencies of Digital Rights Management (DRM), it also keeps track of a fair chunk of information about your reading habits.If an eBook makes use of DRM, for example to charge you for reading it, then
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