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DNS cache poisoning attacks to steal emails are reality

CERT warns that DNS Cache Poisoning attacks could be used also to hijack email to a rogue server and not only to divert the Internet traffic. DNS attacks are very popular in hacking community, they could be run by cyber criminals and state-sponsored hackers for various purposes, including cyber espionage and financially motiva
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DNSSEC, from an end-user perspective, part 1

We all know since at least 1990, that the DNS protocol is insecure. Yet DNS is still the basis of almost all Internet communication. The biggest problem with DNS is that a malicious attacker can redirect victims, where victims try to connect to e.g. safesite.com, but instead of this they connect to the attackers website. There are a lot of different ways to
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DNSSEC, from an end-user perspective, part 3

In the first post of this DNSSEC series, I have showed the problem (DNS vulnerabilities), and in the second post the "solution". In this third post, I am going to analyze DNSSEC. Can DNSSEC protect the users against all of the attacks? Or just part of them? What about corner cases?The following list are the attack types from the first post, where DNSSEC can
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