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Crooks social-engineered GoDaddy staff to take over crypto-biz domains

Crooks were able to trick GoDaddy staff into handing over control of crypto-biz domain names in a classic DNS hijacking attack. Crooks were able to hijack traffic and email to various cryptocurrency-related websites as a result of a DNS hijacking attack on domains managed by GoDaddy. The threat actors were able to modify DNS settings by tricking GoDaddy e
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BSidesSF Preview: DNS Attacks, A History and Overview

In modern times, it is possible for an attacker to persistently and repeatedly hijack a victim’s bank account at most major US banks through the victim visiting a web page. This is done without browser exploits or any visible warning. For a criminal, these attacks are cheap and highly successful.The attack that I am talking about is DNS hijacking. DNS
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Android Trojan Performs DNS Hijacking Attacks against Wireless Routers

A new Android trojan targets wireless routers and performs DNS hijacking instead of attacking users directly.Kaspersky Lab found that the trojan, dubbed Trojan.AndroidOS.Switcher, generally adopts one of two disguises. The first facade (com.baidu.com) is a fake mobile client for the Chinese search engine Baidu. The second (com.snda.wifi) is a fake version of
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Bitcoin Wallet Blockchain.info went down due to a DNS Hijacking

¬†Blockchain.info, the world’s most popular Bitcoin wallet and Block Explorer service went down this week due to a DNS Hijacking attack. Crypto-currencies continue to be a privileged target of cyber criminals, Bitcoin wallets and services provided by many companies operating in the industries have been targeted by criminal organizations as never before.
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Lizard Squad run a DNS hijacking against the Google Vietnam website

Alleged Hacker belonging to the hacking crew Lizard Squad run a DNS hajacking attack against the Google Vietnam domain. A nasty surprise for Internet users who visited the Google Vietnam website that was presented with a picture of a man taking a selfie, along with a message that claimed the website site was hacked by the popu
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DNS Hijack in D-Link Routers, No Authentication Required

D-Link’s popular DSL2740R wireless router is vulnerable to domain name system (DNS) hijacking exploits that requiring no authentication to access its administrative interface.According to Todor Donev of the Bulgarian security firm Ethical Hacker, a number of other D-Link routers are affected by this bug as well, particularly the DLS-320B. PCWorld is re
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GoDaddy Vulnerability Allows Domain Hijacking

An Internet domain registrar and web hosting company GoDaddy has patched a Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF or XSRF) vulnerability that allowed hackers and malicious actors to hijack websites registered with the domain registration company.The vulnerability was reported to GoDaddy on Saturday by Dylan Saccomanni, a web application security researcher and pen
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