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DNSChanger Outbreak Linked to Adware Install Base

[Ed. note: This post was authored by Veronica Valeros, Ross Gibb, Eric Hulse, and Martin Rehak]Late last autumn, the detector described in one of our previous posts, Cognitive Research: Learning Detectors of Malicious Network Traffic, started to pick up a handful of infected hosts exhibiting a new kind of malware behavior. Initially, the number of infections
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Pharming Attack Targets Home Router DNS Settings

Pharming attacks are generally network-based intrusions where the ultimate goal is to redirect a victim’s web traffic to a hacker-controlled webserver, generally through a malicious modification of DNS settings.Some of these attacks, however, are starting to move to the web and have their beginnings with a spam or phishing email.Researchers at Kaspersk
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Craigslist Down After DNS Attack

Craigslist, the well-known web classifieds site, is currently offline for many users following a DNS attack.According to Brad Volz, a network engineer at Craigslist, someone compromised the site’s account at one of its registrants on Sunday evening, causing the name server (NS) records to migrate.“That issue has since been corrected,” Volz explained, “but th
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