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A simple example of a complex cyberattack

We’re already used to the fact that complex cyberattacks use 0-day vulnerabilities, bypassing digital signature checks, virtual file systems, non-standard encryption algorithms and other tricks. Sometimes, however, all of this may be done in much simpler ways, as was the case in the malicious campaign that we detected a while ago – we named it ‘M
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TeamSpy Data-Stealing Malware at It Again with New Spam Campaign

Attackers have lots of ways of gaining access to a target’s information. One of their preferred attack vectors is exploiting careless end user behavior. This is especially true when it comes to users who don’t adequately protect their web accounts.For instance, bad actors targeted users of TeamViewer, software which allows IT professionals to gai
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DLL Hijacking can affect OS X

DLL hijacking is not a prerogative for Windows systems, it is a common hacking technique that is very effective against OS X based machines. As you may know, DLL hijacking it’s something that its around since around 2000 and allows hackers to exploit a machine with a vulnerable application ( just one of the possibilities
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Stealthy, Persistent DLL Hijacking Works Against OS X

DLL hijacking has plagued Windows machines back as far as 2000 and provides hackers with a quiet way to gain persistence on a vulnerable machine, or remotely exploit a vulnerable application.And now it’s come to Apple’s Mac OS X. This week at the CanSecWest conference in Vancouver, Synack director of research Patrick Wardle is expected to deli
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