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‘It’s the End of DDoS as You Know it’

The past weeks have seen a number of cybercriminal events that are noteworthy in that they give us a glimpse of where cybercrime in general and DDoS attacks in particular are heading. In this post we take a look at the forces driving DDoS attacks, put recent events in perspective, and assist in understanding what can be done about them. The same way dynamit
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Note to Banks: Proactively validate your DDoS mitigation

Banks around the world are in the cross fire of the hacktivist group Anonymous who launched campaign Op-Icarus (#OPIcarus), against global financial institutions. Anonymous wants to bring public attention to what they call ‘corruption’ inside the financial industry. The first victims of Op-Icarus were Bank of Greece, and Bank of Cyprus both of wh
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40,000 Reasons to Test Your DDoS Mitigation Posture

Any thoracic surgeon will tell you that implanting a pacemaker is never complete before its settings have been thoroughly validated. A patient is only discharged from hospital once the pacemaker’s configurations have been optimized for the patient’s comfort and physical security. Discharging a patient without validating the pacemaker’s settings is unthinkabl
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DDoS Extortion – Biting the DDoS Bullet

It started with a five minute long DDoS attack which established that the cybercriminals meant business and could cause impact, this small sample attack stopped all business for five minutes. They then sent an email demanding payment of the ransom in bitcoins within 48 hours, otherwise a second and far more damaging DDoS attack would ensue and the ransom amo
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Lessons learned from a day of DDoS Testing

  Coming from the sales side, I wanted to spend more time learning how our customers experience DDoS testing, and what aspects of it they find most valuable? So I spent a day with our tech team onsite. The customer we were testing had just invested in a mitigation system and wanted to know whether the investment lives up to the promise in case they were
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NTPD DDoS Attack Analysis

  Overview   With all the recent hype on “NTP DDoS” attacks, I took some time to understand why this attack became so popular. After researching the attack and the viability of the attack from the attacker’s perspective, I saw quickly why this vector is becoming the new “DNS” DDoS attack. Simply put, it’s extremely easy to cultivate and
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The new age Of – Cyber Security Threat Assessment “DDoS Testing” vs “Penetration testing”

Introduction I have addressed with brevity pentesting in this article and mainly focused on “DDoS testing”. The reason being, I believe pentesting is a well known concept for security personnel and management in most organizations. “DDoS testing” is a relatively new concept for many people. I’ve attempted on a macro level to give insight into the differences
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