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Google blocked the largest Layer 7 DDoS reported to date

Google announced to have blocked the largest ever HTTPs DDoS attack, which reached 46 million requests per second (RPS). Google announced to have blocked the largest ever HTTPs DDoS attack that hit one of its Cloud Armor customers. The IT giant revealed that the attack reached 46 million requests per second (RPS). The attack took place on June 1st, at
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Google blocks largest HTTPS DDoS attack 'reported to date'

A Google Cloud Armor customer was hit with a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack over the HTTPS protocol that reached 46 million requests per second (RPS), making it the largest ever recorded of its kind.In just two minutes, the attack escalated from 100,000 RPS to a record-breaking 46 million RPS, almost 80% more than the previous record, an HT
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Malicious PyPi packages aim DDoS attacks at Counter-Strike servers

A dozen malicious Python packages were uploaded to the PyPi repository this weekend in a typosquatting attack that performs DDoS attacks on a Counter-Strike 1.6 server.Python Package Index (PyPi) is a repository of open-source software packages that developers can easily incorporate into their Python projects to build complex apps with minimal effort.However
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Killnet claims to have breached Lockheed Martin

Russian hacker group Killnet claims to have launched a DDoS attack on the aerospace and defense giant Lockheed Martin.  The Moscow Times first reported that the Pro-Russia hacker group Killnet is claiming responsibility for a recent DDoS attack that hit the aerospace and defense giant Lockheed Martin. The Killnet group also claims to have stolen data f
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Palo Alto Networks: New PAN-OS DDoS flaw exploited in attacks

Palo Alto Networks has issued a security advisory warning of an actively exploited high-severity vulnerability impacting PAN-OS, the operating system used by the company's networking hardware products.The issue, tracked as CVE-2022-0028 (CVSS v3 – 8.6), is an URL filtering policy misconfiguration that could allow an unauthenticated, remote at
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Palo Alto Networks Firewalls Targeted for Reflected, Amplified DDoS Attack

Palo Alto Networks is working on fixes for a reflected amplification denial-of-service (DoS) vulnerability that impacts PAN-OS, the platform powering its next-gen firewalls.The company has learned that a threat actor has attempted to abuse firewalls from multiple vendors for distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. No additional information appears to b
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Taiwan Government websites suffered DDoS attacks during the Nancy Pelosi visit

Taiwan government websites were temporarily forced offline by cyber attacks during the visit to Taipei of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Major Taiwan government websites were temporarily forced offline by distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks attacks during the visit to Taipei of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The cyber attacks forced offline th
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DDoS attacks in Q2 2022

News overview Politically-motivated cyberattacks dominated the DDoS landscape in the second quarter of 2022 just as they did in the previous reporting period. ALtahrea Team, a group targeting NATO and its partners, attacked public transportation websites in Israel and the United Kingdom. Israel saw a cyberattack on the Airports Authority, and UK, an attack o
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Akamai blocked the largest DDoS attack ever on its European customers

This month Akamai blocked the largest distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that hit an organization in Europe. On July 21, 2022, Akamai mitigated the largest DDoS attack that ever hit one of its European customers. The attack hit an Akamai customer in Eastern Europe that was targeted 75 times in the past 30 days with multiple types of DDoS attac
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DDoS Attack Trends in 2022: Ultrashort, Powerful, Multivector Attacks

This article was written by Andrew Faber, Head of Web Security at GcoreThe political situation in Europe and the rest of the world has degraded dramatically in 2022. This has affected the nature, intensity, and geography of DDoS attacks, which have become actively used for political purposes.New industry trends due to the conflict in EuropeThe situation in E
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20 Years Ago in Cybersecurity: Massive DDoS Attack Hits the Roots of the Internet

It was considered the “largest ever” internet attack in 2002. This distributed denial of service attack hit seven of the 13 servers at the top of the internet’s domain name system hierarchy. Now, 20 years later, its origins remain mysterious, but its methods and size still make it stand out. It isn’t the largest by the numbers anymor
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Powerful 'Mantis' DDoS Botnet Hits 1,000 Organizations in One Month

Web protection firm Cloudflare warns that a small but powerful botnet has launched distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on roughly 1,000 organizations over the past month alone.Dubbed Mantis, the botnet is responsible for a record-breaking 26 million requests per second (RPS) HTTPS DDoS attack observed in June, and it has since continued to display s
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Mantis botnet powered the largest HTTPS DDoS attack in June

The largest HTTPS DDoS attack recently mitigated by Cloudflare was launched by the Mantis botnet. In June 2022, DDoS mitigation firm Cloudflare announced it has mitigated the largest HTTPS DDoS attack that was launched by a botnet they have called Mantis. The Mantis botnet generated 26 million request per second using approximately 5000 hijacked virtua
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Mantis botnet behind the record-breaking DDoS attack in June

The record-breaking distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that Cloudflare mitigated last month originated from a new botnet called Mantis, which is currently described as "the most powerful botnet to date."The attack peaked at 26 million requests per second that came from 5,067 devices. The previous record was held by Mēris botnet,
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Pro-Russian hackers launched a massive DDoS attack against Norway

Norway’s National Security Authority (NSM) confirmed that a DDoS attack took down some of the country’s most important websites. Norway’s National Security Authority (NSM) confirmed that some of the country’s most important websites and online services were taken down by a massive DDoS attack conducted by a pro-Russian group. NS
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