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Law Enforcement raided DDoS extortion group DD4BC

The Europol announced the arrest of two individuals suspected of being tied to the DD4BC criminal group specialized in extortion activities. According to a press statement issued by the Europol, in December a joint operation of law enforcement from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, and the U.K. allowed the identificati
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Bitcoin Extortionist Copycats on the Rise, Experts Say

Experts believe that the success tied to a recent spate of DDoS-for-hire groups may be because many are copycat collectives operating with a shorter lifespan.Researchers with Recorded Future, a Massachusetts-based firm that tracks real time threat intelligence, said Monday that they’ve noticed an increase in would-be hackers asking for guidance on foru
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Armada Collective Hackers Target Secure Email Services with Blackmail DDoS Attacks

A hacker group known as the Armada Collective is currently targeting secure email services with prolonged blackmail distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack campaigns.Last week, Geneva-based encrypted email service ProtonMail announced that it had been temporarily knocked offline by a DDoS attack. After issuing a post explaining what it was doing to corre
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Full Investigation Threatened Against DD4BC Attack Group

A group of security researchers and law enforcement officials are threatening to launch a full investigation into the DDoS for Bitcoins (DD4BC) attack group if it continues to target banks.DD4BC is known for launching small- to mid-size DDoS attacks against its victims and threatening even larger, more prolonged attack campaigns unless they pay a ransom in B
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DDoS Attack Against Telegram’s Asian Pacific Server Enters Fourth Day

A DDoS attack continues to affect the Asian Pacific servers of messenger app Telegram as of Monday morning.The attack was first revealed by the company on Twitter early Friday morning. Four hours after its initial announcement, Telegram posted again, stating that the attack had become global and was now affecting users’ access worldwide.Source: Twitter
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DD4BC Group Targets Companies with Ransom-Driven DDoS Attacks

According to the 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey, a PwC study that I recently analyzed in an article for The State of Security, the number of denial of service (DoS) attacks has either dropped or remained stagnant for most UK corporations over the past year.Apparently, this decline has not stopped certain malicious actors from getting creative with
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