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Twitter Moves to Reduce Reach of 'State-affiliated' Media

Twitter on Thursday unveiled new steps to curb the spread of content from "state-affiliated media" used to advance a government's political agenda -- a move affecting key outlets from Russia and China.The US social platform said it would add new labels to these accounts and would "no longer amplify" their tweets through its recommendation systems, in the lat
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US Offers $10 Million Reward Against Election Interference

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday offered a $10 million reward aimed at preventing foreign interference in the November election, as the State Department accused Russia of waging an increasingly sophisticated disinformation campaign.The reward marks one of the most public signs that members of President Donald Trump's administration are taking e
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US Talks Tougher on Chinese Tech, But Offers Few Specifics

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday called for a big expansion of U.S. government curbs on Chinese technology, saying that it wants to see “untrusted Chinese apps” pulled from the Google and Apple app stores.Outside experts called Pompeo’s proposal vague and possibly illegal.Pompeo called out popular video app TikTok and the messaging app WeChat
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U.S. Attributes Taidoor Malware to Chinese Government Hackers

A malware analysis report published on Monday by the U.S. Department of Defense, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), and the FBI officially attributes a piece of malware named Taidoor to threat actors sponsored by the Chinese government.Taidoor, also tracked by some as Taurus RAT, has been around since at least 2008. In 2012, Trend M
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Ransomware Feared as Possible Saboteur for November Election

Federal authorities say one of the gravest threats to the November election is a well-timed ransomware attack that could paralyze voting operations. The threat isn’t just from foreign governments, but any fortune-seeking criminal.Ransomware attacks targeting state and local governments have been on the rise, with cyber criminals seeking quick money by seizin
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Foreign Threats Loom Ahead of US Presidential Election

As the Nov. 3 presidential vote nears, there are fresh signs that the nation’s electoral system is again under attack from foreign adversaries.Intelligence officials confirmed in recent days that foreign actors are actively seeking to compromise the private communications of “U.S. political campaigns, candidates and other political targets” while working to
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Britain Names Turkish Speaker as New Top Spy

Britain on Wednesday named its former ambassador to Turkey as the new director of the MI6 Secret Intelligence Service.Richard Moore succeeds Alex Younger, who was a career intelligence officer and became Britain's top spy in 2014.Moore, a fluent Turkish speaker, has served as the political director of the Foreign Office, deputy national security adviser, and
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US Officials: Russia Behind Spread of Virus Disinformation

Russian intelligence services are using a trio of English-language websites to spread disinformation about the coronavirus pandemic, seeking to exploit a crisis that America is struggling to contain ahead of the presidential election in November, U.S. officials said Tuesday.Two Russians who have held senior roles in Moscow’s military intelligence service kno
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Vatican Allegedly Hacked by China Ahead of Key Talks

The Vatican and the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong have been the targets of alleged Chinese state-backed hackers ahead of talks on renewal of a landmark 2018 deal that helped thaw diplomatic relations between the Vatican and China, according to a monitoring group.The alleged attacks by a group called RedDelta began in May with an eye on September talks to ren
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'Ghostwriter' – Widespread Disinformation Campaign Associated with Russia

FireEye security researchers have linked a series of disinformation operations that have been ongoing since at least March 2017. Referred to as Ghostwriter, the influence campaign mainly targeted audiences in Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland with themes referencing the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) presence in Eastern Europe, often using compro
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NSA, CISA Urge Critical Infrastructure Operators to Secure OT Assets

The U.S. National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency have issued a joint alert urging critical infrastructure operators to take immediate measures to reduce the exposure of operational technology (OT) systems to cyberattacks.The NSA and CISA say it’s imperative that critical infrastructu
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Chinese Drone Giant DJI Responds to Disclosure of Android App Security Issues

Chinese drone giant Da Jiang Innovations (DJI) on Thursday responded to the disclosure of security issues discovered by researchers in one of its Android applications.France-based cybersecurity company Synacktiv recently conducted an analysis of the DJI GO 4 application for Android. The app allows users to control and manage their DJI drones, and it’s mainly
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Chinese Threat Actor Uses New MgBot Variant in Attacks on India, Hong Kong

A Chinese threat actor was observed earlier this month targeting victims in India and Hong Kong with a new variant of the MgBot malware, Malwarebytes reports.The attack was initially observed on July 2, in the form of an archive containing a document supposedly coming from the Indian government, but which was designed to drop a malicious template that would
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China Accuses US of 'Slander' Over Coronavirus Research Hacking Claims

Beijing accused the United States of "slander" on Wednesday after two Chinese nationals were indicted for seeking to steal coronavirus vaccine research and hacking hundreds of companies."The Chinese government is a staunch defender of cyber security, and has always opposed and cracked down on cyber attacks and cyber crime in all forms," said foreign ministry
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U.S. Indicts Two Chinese Nationals for Hacking Hundreds of Organizations

The United States Department of Justice on Tuesday announced charges against two individuals for the hacking of hundreds of organizations worldwide, including governments and COVID-19 responders.The two, Li Xiaoyu, 34, and Dong Jiazhi, 33, both nationals and residents of China, are accused to have conducted computer intrusion activities on behalf of the Chin
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