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Google Blocks Domains of Hack-for-Hire Groups in Russia, India, UAE

A blog post published by Google’s Threat Analysis Group on Thursday describes the activities of hack-for-hire gangs in Russia, India and the United Arab Emirates.The internet giant has added more than 30 domains used by these threat groups to its Safe Browsing mechanism, which prevents users from accessing them.Hack-for-hire groups are often conflated with e
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North Korea Lazarus Hackers Blamed for $100 Million Horizon Bridge Heist

The infamous North Korean Lazarus hacking group is the prime suspect in the $100 million hack of Harmony’s Horizon Bridge, according to new data and research from blockchain analytics firm Elliptic.The multi-million compromise, confirmed by Harmony earlier this month, led to the theft of ETH, BNB, USDT, USDC and Dai from the Horizon cross-chain bridge and no
Publish At:2022-06-30 16:13 | Read:132 | Comments:0 | Tags:Cyberwarfare Disaster Recovery Endpoint Security Network Sec

Cyberattack Hits Norway, Pro-Russian Hacker Group Fingered

A cyberattack temporarily knocked out public and private websites in Norway in the past 24 hours, Norwegian authorities said Wednesday.Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre said that to his knowledge the attack “has not caused any significant damage.”The distributed-denial-of-service (DDOS) attack targeted a secure national data network forcing the tempo
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Cyolo Banks $60M Series B for ZTNA Technology

Cyolo, an Israeli startup building technology for zero trust networking, on Monday announced a new $60 million investment led by the venture investing arm of National Grid.In addition to National Grid Partners, Cyolo said it scored investments from Glilot Capital Partners, Flint Capital, Differential Ventures, and Merlin Ventures. The Series B financing
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Chinese Hackers Target Building Management Systems

Threat hunters at Kaspersky have uncovered a series of attacks that targeted organizations across telecoms, transportation, and industrial sectors with the ShadowPad backdoor.The campaign hit the manufacturing and telecoms industries in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and a logistics and transport organization (a port) in Malaysia.Kaspersky initially identified th
Publish At:2022-06-28 12:02 | Read:215 | Comments:0 | Tags:Cyberwarfare ICS/OT NEWS & INDUSTRY Virus & Threats

Chinese Threat Actor Targets Rare Earth Mining Companies in North America, Australia

Mandiant’s security researchers have been tracking influence campaigns that a Chinese threat actor named Dragonbridge has been conducting against rare earth mining companies in Australia, Canada, and the United States.Active since at least 2019, Dragonbridge has been using a network of thousands of inauthentic accounts on social platforms, websites, and foru
Publish At:2022-06-28 12:02 | Read:134 | Comments:0 | Tags:Cyberwarfare NEWS & INDUSTRY

Lithuania Says Hit by Cyberattack, Russia 'Probably' to Blame

Lithuania said Monday it had been hit by an "intense" cyberattack, probably Russian, days after Moscow protested restrictions Vilnius imposed on the rail transit of certain goods to Kaliningrad.Russia last week threatened reprisals against the Baltic nation after Vilnius imposed the restrictions, which it said was simply the application of European Union san
Publish At:2022-06-27 16:12 | Read:223 | Comments:0 | Tags:Cyberwarfare NEWS & INDUSTRY cyber

CrowdStrike: Ransomware Actor Caught Exploiting Mitel VOIP Zero-Day

Security researchers at CrowdStrike have stumbled upon ransomware actors deploying zero-day exploits against Mitel VOIP appliances sitting on the network perimeter.The discovery is added confirmation that ransomware criminals are increasingly investing in zero-day exploits for use in data-extortion attacks and that poorly configured network devices present a
Publish At:2022-06-24 12:02 | Read:359 | Comments:0 | Tags:Cyberwarfare Endpoint Security Network Security NEWS & I

Chinese APT 'Bronze Starlight' Uses Ransomware to Disguise Cyberespionage

A China-linked state-sponsored hacking group named Bronze Starlight was observed deploying various ransomware families to hide the true intent of its attacks.In attacks observed as early as mid-2021, the threat group started using the HUI Loader to drop ransomware such as AtomSilo, LockFile, Night Sky, Pandora, and Rook.The short lifespan of each ransomware
Publish At:2022-06-23 12:02 | Read:217 | Comments:0 | Tags:Cyberwarfare NEWS & INDUSTRY Virus & Malware Malware

Microsoft: Russian Cyber Spying Targets 42 Ukraine Allies

Coinciding with unrelenting cyberattacks against Ukraine, state-backed Russian hackers have engaged in “strategic espionage” against governments, think tanks, businesses and aid groups in 42 countries supporting Kyiv, Microsoft said in a report Wednesday.“Since the start of the war, the Russian targeting (of Ukraine’s allies) has been successful 29 percent o
Publish At:2022-06-22 16:12 | Read:249 | Comments:0 | Tags:Cyberwarfare NEWS & INDUSTRY cyber

New 'ToddyCat' APT Targets High-Profile Entities in Europe, Asia

Kaspersky has detailed the activity of ToddyCat, a relatively new advanced persistent threat (ATP) actor that has been targeting high-profile entities in Europe and Asia for more than a year and a half.Focused on government organizations and military entities, including military contractors, ToddyCat is mainly characterized by the use of the Samurai backdoor
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False Air Raid Sirens in Israel Possibly Triggered by Iranian Cyberattack

Air raid sirens sounded in the Israeli cities of Jerusalem and Eilat on Sunday evening and it appears that they were triggered by a cyberattack, possibly conducted by Iranian hackers.The sirens, which warn the population about rocket attacks, blared for nearly an hour, according to local media reports.An investigation conducted by the Israeli military found
Publish At:2022-06-21 09:13 | Read:203 | Comments:0 | Tags:Cyberwarfare ICS/OT NEWS & INDUSTRY IoT Security cyber

Volexity Blames 'DriftingCloud' APT For Sophos Firewall Zero-Day

Big-game malware hunters at Volexity are shining the spotlight on a sophisticated Chinese APT caught recently exploiting a Sophos firewall zero-day to plant backdoors and launch man-in-the-middle attacks.The Sophos firewall vulnerability -- tracked as CVE-2022-1040 -- was patched in March this year but only after Volexity intercepted a sophisticated zero-day
Publish At:2022-06-16 17:09 | Read:367 | Comments:0 | Tags:Cyberwarfare Disaster Recovery Endpoint Security Network Sec

Sophisticated Android Spyware 'Hermit' Used by Governments

Security researchers at Lookout have analyzed a sophisticated Android spyware family that appears to have been created to serve nation-state customers.Dubbed Hermit, the threat appears to be the first publicly identified mobile spyware developed by Italian vendor RCS Lab S.p.A. and Tykelab Srl, which claims to be a telecommunications solutions company, but w
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Microsoft to Acquire Cyber Threat Analysis Company Miburo

Microsoft on Tuesday announced that it’s acquiring Miburo, a New York-based cyber threat analysis and research company that specializes in foreign information operations.Miburo provides analysis, consulting and training services. The startup’s research team detects and attributes influence campaigns across over a dozen languages.The company also helps client
Publish At:2022-06-15 05:15 | Read:311 | Comments:0 | Tags:Cyberwarfare NEWS & INDUSTRY Tracking & Law Enforcem


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