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Newly Discovered Turla Backdoor Used in Government Attacks

ESET’s security researchers have discovered yet another piece of malware that Russian cyber-espionage group Turla has been using in its attacks.Active since at least 2006 and also referred to as Belugasturgeon, KRYPTON, Snake, Venomous Bear, and Waterbug, Turla was recently observed targeting a European government with a cocktail of backdoors.Dubbed Crutch,
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CISA, FBI Warn of Attacks Targeting U.S. Think Tanks

Threat actors are continuously targeting United States think tanks, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warn.This persistent malicious activity, the two agencies say, mostly targets individuals and organizations that are connected to international affairs or which focus on national securit
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Nation-State Cyberspy Group Drops Coin Miners as Distraction Technique

A nation-state threat actor was observed using cryptocurrency miners to avoid attracting too much attention and establish persistence in targeted networks, Microsoft reported on Monday.Typically associated with cybercrime activities, these miners cause low-priority alerts, especially since they are not sophisticated threats, and security teams don’t treat th
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Report Claims CIA Controlled Second Swiss Encryption Firm

Swiss politicians have voiced outrage and demanded an investigation after revelations that a second Swiss encryption company was allegedly used by the CIA and its German counterpart to spy on governments worldwide."How can such a thing happen in a country that claims to be neutral like Switzerland?" co-head of Switzerland's Socialist Party, Cedric Wermuth, a
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Chinese Threat Actor 'Mustang Panda' Updates Tools in Attacks on Vatican

A Chinese threat actor tracked as Mustang Panda was observed using an updated arsenal of tools in recent attacks, Proofpoint’s security researchers revealed on Monday.Also referred to as TA416 and RedDelta, the threat group is known for the targeting of entities connected to the diplomatic relations between the Vatican and the Chinese Communist Party, along
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Major Power Outage in India Possibly Caused by Hackers: Reports

Authorities in India determined that a major power outage that occurred last month in Mumbai, the country’s largest city, may have been caused by hackers, according to reports.The outage occurred in mid-October and it impacted the Mumbai metropolitan area, causing significant disruption to traffic management systems and trains. It took two hours to restore p
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Chinese Hackers Target Japanese Organizations in Large-Scale Campaign

China-linked threat actor APT10 was observed launching a large-scale campaign against Japanese organizations and their subsidiaries.Also referred to as Cicada, Stone Panda, and Cloud Hopper, APT10 is known for launching espionage campaigns for over a decade, including attacks aimed at managed service providers (MSPs) and Japan-linked organizations.As part of
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Russia, China 'Cyber Threats' Target Canada: Report

State-sponsored programs from China, Russia, Iran and North Korea pose the greatest high-tech threats to Canada, a report from the nation's authority on cyber security warned Wednesday."The number of cyber threat actors is rising, and they are becoming more sophisticated", the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security said.The center found that those four countries
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Sophisticated Chinese APT Group Targets Southeast Asian Governments

A sophisticated advanced persistent threat (APT) group believed to be operating out of China has been stealthily targeting Southeast Asian governments over the past three years, Bitdefender reports.The attacker’s infrastructure appears to be active even today, despite many of the command and control (C&C) servers being inactive.Believed to be state-spons
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Trump Fires Head of DHS Election Security Agency

President Donald Trump on Tuesday fired the director of the federal agency that vouched for the reliability of the 2020 election.Trump fired Christopher Krebs in a tweet, saying his recent statement defending the security of the election was “highly inaccurate.”The firing of Krebs, a Trump appointee and director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Securi
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Russia Denies Microsoft Claims of Healthcare Cyber Attacks

Moscow on Tuesday vehemently rejected claims by Microsoft that Russia was behind cyber attacks on companies researching coronavirus vaccines and treatments, saying it was being made a scapegoat.Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told state news agency RIA Novosti it had become "politically fashionable" to pin the blame for cyber attacks on Moscow
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Czech Intel Report Targets Russian, Chinese Spies

The Czech Republic's intelligence agency said Tuesday Russian and Chinese spies posed an imminent threat to the EU member's security and other key interests last year.In its annual report, the Security Information Service (BIS) said the intelligence services of Russia and China played an important role in promoting their interests abroad."The key difference
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Chinese APT Uses DLL Side-Loading in Attacks on Myanmar

A Chinese threat actor is leveraging DLL side-loading for the execution of malicious code in attacks targeting organizations in Myanmar, Sophos security researchers reveal.DLL side-loading is a technique that uses malicious DLLs that spoof legitimate ones, and which relies on legitimate Windows applications to load and execute the code.The method has been ab
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U.S. Seizes More Domains Used by Iran for Disinformation

The United States this week announced that it seized 27 domain names that were employed by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to spread disinformation.All of the domains, seizure documents reveal, were violating U.S. sanctions against the government of Iran and the IRGC. Twenty-three of the domains were targeting audiences abroad.The other four,
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The cold cyberwar and geopolitics: which weapons can protect endpoints?

Following World War II, the technological and arms race that began between the United States and the Soviet Union became known as the Cold War. The Cold War nowadays has entered into a new phase: cyberwarfare. Technology is increasingly being used to gain a competitive edge in global geopolitics, and governments are increasingly concerned about the strength
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