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Iran Denies Successful Cyber Attacks on Oil Sector

Iran denied on Saturday its oil infrastructure had been successfully attacked by a cyber operation, after reports of disruptions to the sector online. "Contrary to Western media claims, investigations done today show no successful cyber attack was made on the country's oil installations and other crucial infrastructure," the government's cyber security offic
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U.S. Could Launch Cyberattack on Iran in Response to Saudi Oil Attack

The United States could launch a cyberattack on Iran in response to last week’s drone attack on two major oil facilities in Saudi Arabia.According to NBC News, the Trump administration is considering a cyberattack or a physical strike on Iranian oil facilities or assets of the Revolutionary Guard Corps, a branch of the country’s Armed Forces.Following news o
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US Bans the Use of Kaspersky Software in Federal Agencies

We are living through one of the most precarious moments in international relations of the last several years. Threats of commercial warfare, espionage, and sanctions are constantly threatening to polarize two major world powers — the United States and Russia — and embroil them in perpetual conflict. This can no doubt have huge — and serious — consequences i
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Cybersecurity Debate on the Agenda at the G20

In today’s geopolitical moment, attacks against the privacy of large companies and individuals have become one of the great dangers of life online. Many large organizations have yearly budgets in the millions for security programs and protocols to secure their networks. Ostensibly, they are shielding their customers’ data, but it is also an investment
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WannaCry vs. Petya: Keys to Ransomware Effectiveness

By Daniel MiesslerWith WannaCry and now Petya we’re beginning to see how and why the new strain of ransomware worms are evolving and growing far more effective than previous versions.I think there are 3 main factors: Propagation, Payload, and Payment.*Propagation: You ideally want to be able to spread using as many different types of techniques a
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The US Cyberwarfare Campaign Against North Korea’s Nuclear Program

North Korea launched this weekend another medium- range missile in just over a week of the previous test, this time with success. The beef between the North Korean regime and the US is so thick, you’d need to slow roast it for the better part of a day just to get it tender. The two world powers find themselves in a political game of chicken once again as Ki
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Pentagon: The Next Major War Will Be Fought with Cyberweapons

  The alleged hacking of the last US elections by the Russian government, the anonymous cyberattack that hit the Ukrainian power grid in 2015, the Stuxnet virus that sabotaged the Iranian nuclear program in 2010 — such events serve as a reminder that the next form of international conflict will be heavily dependent on cyberweapons. William Roper, direct
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Moving threat landscape: The reality beyond the cyberwarfare

It started quietly as a probability not a reality. Now within months cyberwarfare has become a reality plausible as the air we breathe. The revelation of governments hacking units has brought light for a new domain of conflict: Cyberwarfare. Once a secret these government agencies were public revealed like the Equation Group as well as the tailored access op
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China-based ‘Cloud Hopper’ Campaign Targets MSPs and Cloud Services

A new report by PwC UK and BAE Systems has revealed a sophisticated cyber campaign “of unprecedented size and scale” targeting managed IT service providers (MSPs). The campaign, dubbed Operation Cloud Hopper, was motivated by espionage and information gathering, as evidenced by the attackers’ choice of high value and low profile targets. The authors of the r
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The Russian Government Uses Known Black Hat for Cyberespionage

Evgeniy M. Bogachev is in his early thirties and lives a comfortable life among his collection of luxury cars in a small resort city on the shores of the Black Sea. He is the most-wanted cybercriminal in the world, and the FBI is offering 3 million dollars for his capture. The US accuses Bogachev of having created a global botnet composed of infected compute
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Israel's Cyber Sector Blooms in the Desert

A modern metropolis rising from Israel's Negev desert stands on the frontline of a global war against hacking and cyber crime, fulfilling an ambition of the country's founding father. David Ben Gurion famously said he wanted to make the Negev bloom. Today, in the streets of Beersheba, a city of 200,000, his dream is taking shape in a form he likely did not a
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Chinese Soldiers Linked to US Military Hacking Case: Media

Two Chinese soldiers were "co-conspirators" in a plot to steal US military secrets, including designs for the F-35 stealth fighter and other warplanes, a Canadian newspaper reported Tuesday. The unnamed pair allegedly worked with a recent immigrant to Canada now facing extradition to the United States to identify and raid secure databases of US military con
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Password Hacks as Simple as 1-2-3-4-5-6

Even after tens of millions of people had online accounts hacked, many Internet users still rely on easily guessed passwords. A report released by the online security firm SplashData on Tuesday found the most commonly used by global Internet users were "123456" and "password" in 2015 -- unchanged since 2011. The fifth annual report by SplashData was compil
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Ukraine Accuses Russia of Cyber Attack on Kiev Airport

Ukrainian authorities reported over the weekend that a piece of malware had been discovered on the networks of the Boryspil international airport in Kiev.According to a statement published on the airport’s website, Boryspil’s IT team found a sample of the BlackEnergy malware on a workstation in the airport’s computer network. The threat was reportedly neutra
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White House, US Tech Giants to Discuss Fighting Terror

The White House's top security officials are to meet with leading Internet companies in Silicon Valley Friday in an effort to build cooperation against terrorism. High on the agenda will be how to make it harder for terror groups to use the Internet to recruit supporters and to use technologies like encryption to mask their activities, according to the agen
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