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Cyberthreat Defense Report 2022: Key Points You Should Know

Each year, CyberEdge publishes the Cyberthreat Defense Report (CDR). Aimed at IT security leaders, this comprehensive report outlines the threats, security issues, and industry concerns that are most pressing.Information summarized in the CDR is gathered through surveys conducted in 17 countries and 19 industries. Respondents are IT decision-makers in organi
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Checking Up on the Cyberthreat Landscape in the Healthcare Sphere

According to the 2015 SANS Institute Healthcare Cyberthreat Report, a whopping 94 percent of healthcare organizations have been victims of cyberattacks. But surprisingly, only 38 percent of patients said they would “…be wary of using a hospital associated with a hacked device.”Perhaps if the other 62 percent of patients understood the potential of such
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2015 Cyberthreat Defense Report Spotlights Changing Security Trends

The CyberEdge Group has released their exhaustive 2015 Cyberthreat Defense Report, jam-packed with insights regarding the latest identified security trends for North America and Europe. The CyberEdge Group bill themselves as “Premier Research and Marketing Services for High-Tech Vendors and Service Providers.” The 41-page PDF report collects data
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Unconventional Security Conventions

 In the face of the current wave of cyber threats, the U.S. government announced this week in Washington DC that as part of the Homeland Security initiative the current administration is creating a new agency called the Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Centre (CTIIP) to monitor cybersecurity threats by acquiring, pooling and analysing any captured
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External Threats a Top Concern for CISOs

Hacking attacks — what IT security specialists refer to as external threats — are living up to their pop-culture billing as the leading security problem for today’s organizations. However, the days when hacking attacks were associated with gifted but maladjusted young people working in their parents’ basements are long gone. Today’s malicio
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