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It Takes All Kinds: Identifying New Sources of Cybersecurity Talent

National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) highlights important security issues to help governments, businesses and individuals improve their online hygiene. One critical area to consider is the growing shortage of qualified security professionals, which is projected to reach 6 million unfilled positions across the globe by 2019. There are plenty of opp
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In Its Fifth Year, European Cyber Security Month Shows Why Security Is a Shared Responsibility

October is European Cyber Security Month (ECSM). This marks the fifth anniversary of the initiative and builds on the activities started in previous years. The concept of a cybersecurity awareness month began in the U.S. 14 years ago with the aim of promoting cybersecurity for all computer users, from consumers to governments. Over time, many jurisdictions a
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Aiming for a Security Career? Consider a Liberal Arts Degree

“In the shifting landscape of higher education today, critical questions continue to be raised about the value of a liberal arts education. There is a constant drumbeat claiming that STEM subjects — science, technology, engineering and math — are far more valuable in today’s digital economy and culture than a traditional liberal arts major such a
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Beyond IT: Finding a Mentor to Help Guide Your Cybersecurity Career

As an independent information security consultant, I am often asked what it takes to forge a positive cybersecurity career path and stand out in the field. I tell people that working for yourself is not for everyone. An independent security professional must constantly seek out new business, unsure where that next bit of income is going to come from. It̵
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It’s Wise to Specialize: Choosing the Right Path for Your Cybersecurity Career

Open information security jobs are everywhere. For businesses small and large, and across all industries, the need for qualified cybersecurity professionals is widespread. Compensation for the skills required to help run an information security program makes this field one of the most lucrative out there. It’s unwise to kick off your cybersecurity ca
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From the Battlefield to the Security Operations Center: A New Collar Approach to the Skills Gap

Everyone in the industry knows that there is a huge demand for cybersecurity professionals and a worrying shortage of talent. In fact, Frost and Sullivan estimated that we will face 1.8 million unfilled cybersecurity positions by 2022. So how do we solve this problem — and fast? A recent executive report from the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) sugges
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Why Red on Blue Is a Crucial Component of Cyber Skills and Incident Response Training

More and more companies are looking to cyber exercises and capture the flag events to improve their incident response effectiveness, upskill staff and tackle the cybersecurity talent gap. A red on blue experience provides a safe sandbox environment for participating companies to stress test their business processes and challenge their capabilities in respon
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The XX Factor: The Critical Role of Women in Closing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Women are underrepresented in IT. Estimates vary — as noted by Information Security Buzz, women make up 8 percent of the U.K. cybersecurity workforce, while Information Age reported that they represent only 11 percent of security professionals worldwide. Numbers are slightly better in the technology market at large, where 25 percent of all IT staff are wom
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Five Ways Enterprises Can Close the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

With global cybersecurity job openings and security threats at all-time highs, enterprises are struggling to fill positions with qualified staff. But while the problem threatens to plague the IT industry for years to come, security leaders and hiring managers can take proactive measures to attract and retain top talent for their organizations. Five Tips to C
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Can AI and Machine Learning Help Fill the Cybersecurity Skills Gap?

Think about an industry that has had a huge labor problem for decades. Hiring managers can’t find enough skilled people, and it takes way too long to train someone to an effective level. With all of the advances in technology, why hasn’t there been a complete automation of procedures? The truth is that new technologies such as artificial intell
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Closing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap Through Mergers and Acquisitions

Another Way to Bridge the Cybersecurity Skills Gap Terms such as cybersecurity, hacking and data breach have become part of everyday conversation for people who have little understanding of how those activities are accomplished. The devastating effects of cyber incidents have invaded public and private life, and protecting digital assets has become a critic
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Cybersecurity Hiring Woes? Time to Consider a New Collar Approach

“There are over 5 million jobs open in this country. The reason they are not filled is skills.” — Ginni Rometty, IBM CEO, speaking to Fox Business about new collar jobs. Organizations are suffering from an inability to fill vacant technology and cybersecurity positions. A four-year wait for students to complete their curricula is an eternity fo
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Six Reasons Why Every Student Should Consider a Career in Cybersecurity

In the 1860s, Horace Greeley, founder and editor of The New York Tribune, inspired a generation of young Americans by popularizing the phrase, “Go West, young man, and grow up with the country.” In the 1960s, the Oscar-winning movie “The Graduate” offered some tongue-in-cheek inspiration of its own when an older man takes aside recent
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