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How to Build a Winning Cybersecurity Resume

Career advancement is an art form with many facets. One vital tool is your cybersecurity resume, the quality of which can mean the difference between getting an interview for your dream job and not being considered at all.  Following the standard advice on building a resume will give you a standard resume that won’t set you apart from the pack. F
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AI Face Recognition Technology Helps Criminals to Hack Databases

September 22, 2021 19 0 Author: Amanda Johnson AI Face Recognition Technology Helps Criminals to Hack Databases
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Cybersecurity Solutions to Know in 2021: Open Source and Scaling Up

Speed is of the essence in digital defense. As the latest Ponemon Institute Cost of a Data Breach Report makes clear, businesses and agencies that are able to respond to and contain an incident rapidly will save millions over their slower peers. The average total cost of a data breach increased by nearly 10%, the largest increase in nearly a decade. Ho
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Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) – A Model for Everyone

Data breaches have reached a fever pitch over the last few years. The rapid frequency of successful attacks coupled with the rising costs to businesses has raised attention at the highest levels of global governments. In the past, breaches were relatively “localized,” that is, they affected the targeted company only. However, the newer attacks have disr
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Europol arrested 106 fraudsters, members of a major crime ring

Europol, along with Italian and Spanish police, dismantled a major crime organization linked to the Italian Mafia that focuses on online frauds. Europol, along with law enforcement agencies in Italy and Spain, has dismantled a major crime group linked to the Italian Mafia that was involved in online fraud, drug trafficking, money laundering, and property
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Cybersecurity M&A Roundup for September 1-15, 2021

Nearly two dozen cybersecurity mergers and acquisitions were announced in the first half of September 2021.Achieve Partners acquires MetmoxPrivate equity firm Achieve Partners acquired managed security service provider (MSSP) Metmox with the goal of addressing the global talent shortage. As a result of the acquisition, Achieve will create a large-scale cyber
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How To Write a Good Cybersecurity Resume

A lot of cybersecurity jobs await out there for the qualified job seeker. According to Cyberseek, the United States had 464,200 cybersecurity job openings as of July 30, 2021. And with the skills gap, there are even more openings every day. But that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a job offer. So, how do you make a good cybersecurity resume that
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Cybersecurity Training: How to Build a Company Culture of Cyber Awareness

When I attended new employee orientation at a global technology company several decades ago, I remember very brief cybersecurity training. The gist was to contact someone in IT if we noticed any potential issues. While I was with the company, I only thought about cybersecurity when I passed the server room, and I could only peek into that locked, dark
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Tezro: The Most Secure Payment Tool

September 15, 2021 3 0 Author: Matthew Turner Tezro: The Most Secure Payment Tool The entire crypto-eco
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Cyber Security Metrics for Board & Risk Committee

What are cyber security metrics?  Cyber security metrics are the number of systems with known vulnerabilities.  Knowing the number of vulnerable assets in your environment is a key cyber security metric to determine the risk your business incurs. Managing updates and patches is a complex process, but very important to avoid loopholes that can
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New SOVA Android Banking trojan is rapidly growing

SOVA is a new Android banking trojan that targets banking applications, cryptocurrency wallets, and shopping apps from the U.S. and Spain. Researchers from cybersecurity firm ThreatFabric have spotted in the beginning of August a new Android banking trojan, dubbed SOVA, that targets banking applications, cryptocurrency wallets, and shopping apps from the
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Cybersecurity Seen as Rising Risk for Airlines After 9/11

After remaking their security procedures following the 9/11 attacks to stop airline hijackings, carriers are now faced with rising threats targeting computers and electronic equipment critical to their operations and safety. Since the tragedy 20 years ago on Saturday, airlines and airports have fortified cockpits, barred sharp objects in carry-on luggage an
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5 Ways to Use Microlearning to Educate Your Employees About Cybersecurity

Trying to learn large amounts of information in one sitting is often overwhelming and leads to lower retention. Psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus found in studying himself in the 1800s that only 20% of information learned is retained four weeks later. However, his retention increased from 80% to 90% when using microlearning. That means he took in small and bi
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How to Talk to Your Grandparents About Cybersecurity

According to research from the FBI and FTC, cybercrimes against older adults cost more than $650 million in losses each year. Why? Unlike millennials and Generation Z, your grandparents weren’t born with a smartphone in their hands. On top of that, older adults tend to have more significant financial funds like retirement accounts, making them an ideal targe
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A new botnet named Mēris is behind massive DDoS attack that hit Yandex

The massive DDoS attack that has been targeting the internet giant Yandex was powered b a completely new botnet tracked as Mēris. The Russian Internet giant Yandex has been targeting by the largest DDoS attack in the history of Runet, the Russian Internet designed to be independent of the world wide web and ensure the resilience of the country to an inter
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