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Hackers Steal $49 Million in Ethereum From Cryptocurrency Exchange Upbit

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Upbit today announced that hackers managed to steal $49 million in Ethereum.The crypto-coins were transferred from the Upbeat Ethereum Hot Wallet to an unknown wallet on November 27, announced Lee Seok-woo, CEO of Doo-myeon, which operates Upbit.The hackers, Seok-woo revealed in a notice published on the Upbit website, tr
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Google Shares Data on State-Sponsored Hacking Attempts

Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) this week shared some data on government-backed hacking and disinformation attempts targteting its customers.Google has been alerting users of state-sponsored hacking attempts for several years and it has sent out thousands of warnings every month.In a blog post published on Tuesday, Shane Huntley of Google TAG revealed t
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Meet Kilos, a New Search Engine for the Dark Web

Kilos is a new dark web search engine that goes where Google doesn't. It was first announced by its developer on Reddit on November 15, 2019: "Introducing Kilos, a new search engine for the darknet markets."Etay Maor, CSO at deep web threat intelligence firm IntSights, has taken a close look  at Kilos. It is not the first nor the only facility for searc
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German Court Backs Murderer's 'Right to be Forgotten'

A man convicted of murder 37 years ago has the right to be forgotten and have his name removed from online search results, Germany's highest court ruled on Wednesday.The constitutional court in Karlsruhe found in favour of a man who was given a life sentence for killing two people on a yacht in 1982.The man, who was released from prison in 2002, is now fight
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Hackers Accessed Magento Marketplace User Data

Adobe-owned e-commerce platform Magento recently informed some Magento Marketplace users that an unauthorized third-party had gained access to their account information.According to Magento, the attackers exploited a vulnerability in the Magento Marketplace, which allowed them to access information such as name, email address, MageID, shipping and billing ad
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Cyber criminals targeting Olympics

The Olympics Goes Political As State Hackers Target Sporting Organisations As a celebration of international sport, the Olympic Games is famously non-political. By inviting every nation to participate, the Games are intended to bring the entire world together, promoting peace and harmony through a celebration of sport. Winning a gold medal may be the pinnacl
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Would ‘Medicare for All’ help secure health data?

DISCLAIMER: This post is not partisan, but rather focuses on risk assessment based on history and what threats we are facing in the future. We do not endorse any healthcare plan style in any way, outside of examining its data security risk. For many folks, the term ‘Healthcare for All’ brings up an array of emotions ranging from concern to happiness, and
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Sextortion scammers getting creative

We’ve covered sextortion before, focusing in on how the core of the threat is an exercise in trust. The threat actor behind the campaign will use whatever information available on the target that causes them to trust that the threat actor does indeed have incriminating information on them. (They don’t.) But as public awareness of the scam grow
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Chinese Woman Sentenced to 8 Months for Trespass at Trump Resort: Report

A Chinese woman who stirred fears of espionage when she entered President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort carrying multiple mobile phones and a malware-spiked thumb drive was sentenced to eight months in prison Monday, US media reported.Zhang Yujing, 33, was arrested on March 30 at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, where Trump was on one of his frequent vi
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Order Information of OnePlus Customers Exposed in Data Breach

Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus revealed on Friday that some customers’ order information was accessed by hackers who breached its systems.According to the company, its security team recently noticed unauthorized access to order information, including names, phone numbers, email addresses and shipping addresses. The incident does not appear to impact
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Cyberattack Hit 10% of Louisiana's State Government Servers

One in ten of Louisiana’s 5,000 computer network servers that power operations across state government were damaged by this week’s cyberattack, a key technology official told lawmakers Friday.Neal Underwood, Louisiana’s deputy chief information officer, said the ransomware attack wasn’t catastrophic to state government. No data was lost, and no ransom was pa
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Church's Chicken Restaurants Hit by Payment Card Breach

At least 160 Church’s Chicken restaurants across 11 U.S. states are impacted by a data breach that involved unauthorized access to payment processing systems.Cajun Operating Company, which owns and operates Church's Chicken, revealed last week that it had become aware of unauthorized access to payment processing systems in late October.Atlanta-based Church's
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Hackers Accessed Information of T-Mobile Prepaid Customers

T-Mobile informed some prepaid customers this week that their personal information may have been compromised as a result of a hacker attack.The company said it recently noticed unauthorized access to some prepaid wireless accounts. These accounts can store names, billing addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, and details about the customer’s mobile plans
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Russian Man Sentenced to Prison for Using Neverquest Trojan to Steal Money

A Russian national has been sentenced to 4 years in prison in the United States for using a Trojan known as Neverquest to steal money from bank accounts.Stanislav Vitaliyevich Lisov, 34, was sentenced on Thursday in the Southern District of New York. He has also been sentenced to 3 years of supervised release and ordered to forfeit $50,000 and pay nearly hal
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Lithuanian Extradited to U.S. Over Hacking, Fraud Charges

A Lithuanian man extradited to the United States this week has been charged with hacking U.S.-based computers and stealing from online bank accounts and securities brokerage accounts.The man, Vytautas Parfionovas, 32, has conducted various illegal operations between 2011 and 2018, in which he accessed email servers and computers belonging to U.S. financial i
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