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‘Unpacking’ technical attribution and challenges for ensuring stability in cyberspace

Introduction When reports of a cyberattack appear in the headlines, questions abound regarding who launched it and why. Even if an attacker has what are to it perfectly rational reasons for conducting such an attack, these reasons are often known only to them. The rest of the world, including the victims of the attack, must often engage in some degree of spe
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Cyberthreats to financial organizations in 2022

First of all, we are going to analyze the forecasts we made at the end of 2020 and see how accurate they were. Then we will go through the key events of 2021 relating to attacks on financial organizations. Finally, we will make some forecasts about financial attacks in 2022. Analysis of forecasts for 2021 The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to cause a massive w
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Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2015. Evolution of cyber threats in the corporate sector

 Download PDF version Download EPUB In late 2014, we published predictions for how the world of cyber threats may evolve in 2015. Four of the nine predictions we made were directly connected with threats to businesses. Our predictions proved accurate – three of the four business-related threats have already been fulfilled: Cybercriminals embrace A
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Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2015. Top security stories

 Download PDF version  Download EPUB Targeted attacks and malware campaigns Targeted attacks are now an established part of the threat landscape, so it’s no surprise to see such attacks feature in our yearly review. Last year, in our security forecast, we outlined what we saw as the likely future APT developments. The merger of cybercrime an
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Russian financial cybercrime: how it works

 Download PDF version Introduction The Russian-language cybercrime market is known all over the world. By ‘Russian-language market’ we mean cybercriminals who are citizens of the Russian Federation and some former USSR countries, predominantly Ukraine and the Baltic states. Why is this market known worldwide? There are two main factors: the
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