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2020 Rings in a New Era of Cyber Attacks - and it's Getting Personal

Recently, I finished a great audiobook by the famed hacker Kevin Mitnick, called “Ghost in the Wires”, where he details his exploits in using social engineering techniques to hack phone systems. For the most part, he used old school methods that involved research, cold calling and convincing people he should have access to their systems. Success was predicat
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Greece: Government Websites Hit by Cyberattack

The Greek government said Friday that the official state websites of the prime minister, the national police and fire service and several important ministries were briefly disabled by a cyberattack but have been restored.Government spokesman Stelios Petsas said early Friday that the distributed denial-of-service or DDoS attack “led to the malfunction of cert
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Some Hackers Take the Ransom and Run: Researchers

Paying off hackers after a ransomware infection could end up being a total loss, according to a study released Thursday which finds some attackers just take the money and run.A survey by researchers at the security firm Proofpoint found that 33 percent of organizations infected with ransomware opted to pay the ransom.But some 22 percent of those who paid a r
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Russian Pleads Guilty in Virginia to Large-Scale Card Fraud

A Russian national pleaded guilty Thursday to running a website that helped people commit more than $20 million in credit-card fraud.Aleksei Burkov, 29, of St. Petersburg, Russia, entered the plea to charges including fraud and money laundering in a federal court in Alexandria.He was extradited to the U.S. from Israel in November over the objection of Russia
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Iran-Linked RAT Used in Recent Attacks on European Energy Sector

Attacks recently identified to target a key organization in the European energy sector have employed a remote access Trojan (RAT) previously associated with Iran-linked threat actors, Recorded Future reports.Dubbed PupyRAT, the backdoor is an open source piece of malware available on GitHub. Mainly written in Python, the threat is advertised as cross-platfor
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Saudi Dismisses Link to Hack of Amazon Owner Bezos

The Saudi embassy in Washington on Tuesday dismissed suggestions the kingdom hacked the phone of Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos, as media reports linked the security breach to a WhatsApp message from an account of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.The 2018 intrusion into the device led to the release of intimate images of Amazon founder Bezos, whose Post ne
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French Spy Suspected of Selling Data on Darknet

An anti-terrorism agent in France's domestic intelligence service could soon face trial on charges of selling confidential data and fake IDs in the hidden corners of the internet, prosecutors say. Investigators wrapped up their investigation last week into the alleged sales by "Haurus", the code name for the DGSI officer, now 33, who was arrested in Septembe
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Georgia Man Admits to Launching DDoS Attack

A Georgia man has admitted in court to employing a third-party to launch a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.The man, Tucker Preston, 22, of Macon, Georgia, was charged with one count of damaging protected computers by transmission of a program, code or command.Preston is the co-founder of BackConnect Security LLC, a company that provides protectio
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Hackers Steal Employee and Corporate Information From Mitsubishi Electric

Personal and corporate information was stolen from electronics and electrical equipment manufacturing company Mitsubishi Electric during a data breach that occurred last year.In a notice published on Monday, the Japanese company confirmed not only that its network was breached, but also that the attackers may have accessed some personal and confidential corp
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Hanna Andersson Data Breach: Hackers Compromise Website of Children's Clothier

Portland, Oregon-based children's clothing maker Hanna Andersson has quietly disclosed a breach to affected customers. Very few details of the breach have been made public.The letter, obtained by SecurityWeek, has been sent via postal mail and explains that a third party had gained unauthorized access to customer information entered during online purchases b
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FBI Takes Down Site Selling Subscriptions to Stolen Data

WeLeakInfo Website Taken Down in International Law Enforcement Operation WeLeakInfo(.)com, a website that sold stolen personal data to subscribers, has been seized by the FBI in an action supported by the UK's National Crime Agency, the Dutch National Police Corp, the German Bundeskriminalamt, and the Police Service of Northern Ireland.The site advertised it
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Expert: Georgia Election Server Showed Signs of Tampering

A computer security expert says he found that a forensic image of the election server central to a legal battle over the integrity of Georgia elections showed signs that the original server was hacked.The server was left exposed to the open internet for at least six months, a problem the same expert discovered in August 2016. It was subsequently wiped clean
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Phishing Campaign Targeting Ukrainian Firm Burisma Linked to Russian Cyberspies

A phishing campaign apparently aimed at Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company that is at the center of President Donald Trump’s impeachment, has been linked by cybersecurity researchers to a hacker group believed to be working on behalf of the Russian government.Trump was impeached in December over allegations that he pressured Ukraine to launch an investigatio
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UK National Lottery Hacker Sentenced to Prison

A man accused of hacking UK National Lottery accounts via credential stuffing attacks has been sentenced to nine months in prison, the UK’s National Crime Agency reported on Friday.Anwar Batson, 29, of London, has been sentenced for fraud and four violations under the Computer Misuse Act of 1990. The man was arrested in May 2017 and initially denied any invo
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Oski Stealer Targets Browser Data, Crypto Wallets in U.S.

Still under development, a newly discovered information stealer is successfully targeting Internet browsers and cryptocurrency wallet applications, and most victims are apparently located in the United States.The fairly new malware, which has been dubbed Oski Stealer, is being advertised on underground cyber-forums, including several Russian forums, security
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