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FBI Takes Down Site Selling Subscriptions to Stolen Data

WeLeakInfo Website Taken Down in International Law Enforcement Operation WeLeakInfo(.)com, a website that sold stolen personal data to subscribers, has been seized by the FBI in an action supported by the UK's National Crime Agency, the Dutch National Police Corp, the German Bundeskriminalamt, and the Police Service of Northern Ireland.The site advertised it
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Expert: Georgia Election Server Showed Signs of Tampering

A computer security expert says he found that a forensic image of the election server central to a legal battle over the integrity of Georgia elections showed signs that the original server was hacked.The server was left exposed to the open internet for at least six months, a problem the same expert discovered in August 2016. It was subsequently wiped clean
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Phishing Campaign Targeting Ukrainian Firm Burisma Linked to Russian Cyberspies

A phishing campaign apparently aimed at Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company that is at the center of President Donald Trump’s impeachment, has been linked by cybersecurity researchers to a hacker group believed to be working on behalf of the Russian government.Trump was impeached in December over allegations that he pressured Ukraine to launch an investigatio
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UK National Lottery Hacker Sentenced to Prison

A man accused of hacking UK National Lottery accounts via credential stuffing attacks has been sentenced to nine months in prison, the UK’s National Crime Agency reported on Friday.Anwar Batson, 29, of London, has been sentenced for fraud and four violations under the Computer Misuse Act of 1990. The man was arrested in May 2017 and initially denied any invo
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Oski Stealer Targets Browser Data, Crypto Wallets in U.S.

Still under development, a newly discovered information stealer is successfully targeting Internet browsers and cryptocurrency wallet applications, and most victims are apparently located in the United States.The fairly new malware, which has been dubbed Oski Stealer, is being advertised on underground cyber-forums, including several Russian forums, security
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Travelex Hit By $6m Ransom Attack

Travelex, a global foreign exchange company with hundreds of stores across the USA alone, is being held hostage by hackers demanding $6 million ransom. The cybercriminals from a gang known as Sodinokibi and REvil, claim that they are in possession of approximately 5GB of what they say is very sensitive data. They claim the stolen data consists of national id
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Pulse Secure VPN Vulnerability Still Widely Exploited, CISA Warns

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has warned organizations that malicious hackers continue to exploit a widely known Pulse Secure VPN vulnerability.A researcher revealed recently that cybercriminals had started exploiting CVE-2019-11510, a critical vulnerability affecting enterprise VPN product
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More Threat Groups Target Electric Utilities in North America

An increasing number of threat groups have been spotted targeting electric utilities in North America, industrial cybersecurity firm Dragos reported on Thursday.The company has published a new report that describes the threats faced by the electric sector in North America.“As adversaries and their sponsors invest more effort and money into obtaining effects-
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TrickBot Operators Create New Backdoor for Important Targets

The cybercriminals behind the TrickBot malware, who are believed to be based in Russia, have been using a new PowerShell backdoor in recent attacks aimed at high-value targets, SentinelLabs revealed on Thursday.Initially discovered in 2016, TrickBot is the successor of the Dyre Trojan. The malware has seen numerous updates and improvements since it was disco
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Nepal Deports 122 Chinese Nationals After Cyber Raid

Nepal on Wednesday deported 122 Chinese nationals who were arrested on suspicion of operating a large-scale cyber fraud operation in Kathmandu, officials said.Police made the arrests last month in raids on nine houses that were set up like hostels with large kitchens, bunk beds and rows of tables and chairs for working.Acting on a tip-off from Chinese author
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Travelex Says Financially Unaffected by Hacking

Travelex, the British-based foreign currency company, will not suffer any financial impact from a cyber attack on New Year's Eve, its parent group said Wednesday.Travelex, which detected a software virus on December 31 that compromised some services, stopped the virus spreading, it said in a statement.Travelex had been forced to take its global websites offl
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Interpol Announces Successful Operation Against Cryptojacking in Southeast Asia

Interpol announced on Wednesday that it has coordinated an international operation aimed at removing illegally installed cryptocurrency miners from routers located in Southeast Asia.The operation, dubbed Goldfish Alpha, was conducted in cooperation with Trend Micro, along with law enforcement and CERTs from ASEAN countries, including Brunei, Cambodia, Indone
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Las Vegas Reports Cyber Attack; Extent of Breach Unclear

Las Vegas officials said Tuesday that that a cyber attack breached the city’s computer systems, but it wasn’t immediately clear if any sensitive data was compromised.City officials were alerted to the breach around 4:30 a.m., city spokesman David Riggleman told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The city’s information technology department reacted quickly and was
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Chinese Cyber-Espionage Group Targeted NGOs for Years

A cyber-espionage group supposedly linked to the Chinese government is targeting non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in South and East Asia, Secureworks has revealed.Referred to as BRONZE PRESIDENT, the group may have been active since at least 2014, also targeting political and law enforcement organizations and using both proprietary and publicly availabl
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Pulse Secure VPN Vulnerability Exploited to Deliver Ransomware

A widely known vulnerability affecting an enterprise VPN product from Pulse Secure has been exploited by cybercriminals to deliver a piece of ransomware, a researcher has warned.The flaw in question, tracked as CVE-2019-11510, is one of the many security holes disclosed last year by a team of researchers in enterprise VPN products from Fortinet, Palo Alto Ne
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