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Insider Threat: Employees indicted for stealing $88 million of license keys

Two insiders and an accomplice were indicted on Tuesday for multiple counts of fraud. According to documents unsealed by the Wester District of Oaklahoma, a grand jury charged Raymond Bradley Pearce (aka Brad Pearce), a former employee of Avaya; Dusti O. Pearce, his wife; and Jason M. Hines (aka Joe Brown, aka Chad Johnson, aka Justin Albaum), a former Avaya
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Threat Report Portugal: Q2 2022

The Threat Report Portugal: Q2 2022 compiles data collected on the malicious campaigns that occurred from March to June, Q2, 2022. The Portuguese Abuse Open Feed 0xSI_f33d is an open sharing database with the ability to collect indicators from multiple sources, developed and maintained by Segurança-Informática. This feed is based on automat
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Microsoft: Raspberry Robin worm already infected hundreds of networks

Microsoft announced that the Windows worm Raspberry Robin has already infected the networks of hundreds of organizations. Raspberry Robin is a Windows worm discovered by cybersecurity researchers from Red Canary, the malware propagates through removable USB devices. The malicious code uses Windows Installer to reach out to QNAP-associated domains and d
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Dutch Uni Gets Cyber Ransom Money Back... With Interest

A Dutch university that fell victim to a massive ransomware attack has partly received back its stolen money... which in the meantime more than doubled in value, a news report said on Saturday.The southern Maastricht University in 2019 was hit by a large cyberattack in which criminals used ransomware, a type of malicious software that locks valuable data and
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A ransomware attack forced publishing giant Macmillan to shuts down its systems

A cyber attack forced the American publishing giant Macmillan to shut down its IT systems.  The publishing giant Macmillan has been hit by a cyberattack that forced the company to shut down its IT infrastructure to prevent the threat from spreading within its network. The company spokesman Erin Coffey told different media outlets that at
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Cyberattack Disrupts Unemployment Benefits in Some States

A cyberattack on a software company has disrupted unemployment benefits and job seeking assistance for thousands of people in several states.In Tennessee, the website for unemployment benefits remained down Thursday morning after the vendor, Geographic Solutions Inc., told the state Sunday that service would be interrupted. Some 12,000 Tennesseans rely on th
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Google Blocks Domains of Hack-for-Hire Groups in Russia, India, UAE

A blog post published by Google’s Threat Analysis Group on Thursday describes the activities of hack-for-hire gangs in Russia, India and the United Arab Emirates.The internet giant has added more than 30 domains used by these threat groups to its Safe Browsing mechanism, which prevents users from accessing them.Hack-for-hire groups are often conflated with e
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SOHO Routers in North America and Europe Targeted With 'ZuoRAT' Malware

A remote access trojan (RAT) targeting small office/home office (SOHO) devices has remained undetected for nearly two years, according to security researchers with Black Lotus Labs, the threat intelligence arm of Lumen Technologies.Dubbed ZouRAT, the malware has been deployed on devices in North America and Europe, as part of a sophisticated campaign targeti
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Raccoon Stealer returns with a new bag of tricks

The popular malware Raccoon stealer, which suspended operations after a developer allegedly died in the Ukraine invasion, has returned. Raccoon stealer is malware as a service, with the developers selling it to would-be users. The operation is a tightly-run ship, to the extent that customers have digital signatures tied to their executables. If files end
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Immigration organisations targeted by APT group Evilnum

Organisations working in the immigration sector are advised to be on high alert for Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks. Bleeping Computer reports that European organisations, specifically, are under threat from the Evilnum hacking group. Evilnum, on the APT scene since 2018 at the earliest and perhaps most well known for targeting the financial sect
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Ex-Canadian government employee admits to being a member of the Russian cybercrime gang NetWalker

A former Canadian government IT worker admitted to being a high-level member of the Russian cybercrime group NetWalker. A former Canadian government employee, Sebastien Vachon-Desjardins, pleaded guilty in the U.S. to charges related to his involvement with the Russian cybercrime group NetWalker. In March, the man was extradited to the United States to
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Canadian NetWalker Ransomware Affiliate Pleads Guilty in US

A Canadian national has pleaded guilty in a United States court to charges related to his role in a cybercrime operation involving the NetWalker ransomware.Sebastien Vachon-Desjardins, 34, is a former Canadian government employee. He was previously sentenced to seven years in prison in Canada for ransomware attacks.A few weeks after his sentencing in Canada,
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YTStealer info-stealing malware targets YouTube content creators

Researchers detailed a new information-stealing malware, dubbed YTStealer, that targets YouTube content creators. Intezer cybersecurity researchers have detailed a new information-stealing malware, dubbed YTStealer, that was developed to steal authentication cookies from YouTube content creators. The malware is highly likely available as a service on t
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Ukraine arrests cybercrime gang operating over 400 phishing sites

The Ukrainian cyberpolice force arrested nine members of a criminal group that operated over 400 phishing websites crafted to appear like legitimate EU portals offering financial assistance to Ukrainians.The threat actors used forms on the site to steal visitors' payment card data and online banking account credentials and perform fraudulent, unauthorized tr
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Chinese Hackers Target Building Management Systems

Threat hunters at Kaspersky have uncovered a series of attacks that targeted organizations across telecoms, transportation, and industrial sectors with the ShadowPad backdoor.The campaign hit the manufacturing and telecoms industries in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and a logistics and transport organization (a port) in Malaysia.Kaspersky initially identified th
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