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US hospital forced to divert ambulances after cyberattack

The Idaho Falls Community Hospital fell victim to a cyberattack on Monday May 29, 2023. As a result, the hospital had to divert ambulances to other nearby hospitals and close some of its clinics.  The hospital is keeping the public updated through its website and Facebook page. “Our commitment to our patients’ well-being cont
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How Morris Worm Command and Control Changed Cybersecurity

A successful cyberattack requires more than just gaining entry into a victim’s network. To truly reap the rewards, attackers must maintain a persistent presence within the system. After establishing communication with other compromised network devices, actors can stealthily extract valuable data. The key to all this is a well-developed Command and Con
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What’s in Your Policy: Insurance Markets and Nation State Cyberattacks

What happens when you think you have something valuable locked away in a safe place for an emergency, only to find out it is not available when you need it? Apart from expected disappointment, panic may set in. Now, think of your insurance coverage as the “valuable something” you no longer have access to because of some new guidance or exclusion
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The One Place IT Budget Cuts Can’t Touch: Cybersecurity

If IT spending is slowing, will business leaders follow a similar approach for cybersecurity budgets? Probably not. Gartner predicts that end-user spending on both security technology and services will see an annual growth rate of 11% over the next four years. And the market is anticipated to reach $267.3 billion in 2026.  Many security professionals a
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Breaking Down a Cyberattack, One Kill Chain Step at a Time

In today’s wildly unpredictable threat landscape, the modern enterprise should be familiar with the cyber kill chain concept. A cyber kill chain describes the various stages of a cyberattack pertaining to network security. Lockheed Martin developed the cyber kill chain framework to help organizations identify and prevent cyber intrusions. The steps in
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Cybersecurity in the Next-Generation Space Age, Pt. 3: Securing the New Space

View Part 1, Introduction to New Space, and Part 2, Cybersecurity Threats in New Space, in this series. As we see in the previous article of this series discussing the cybersecurity threats in the New Space, space technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate — with new technologies being launched into orbit at an increasingly rapid pace. The need
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RomCom RAT Attack Analysis: Fake It to Make It

The RomCom RAT has been making the rounds — first in Ukraine as it went after military installations, and now in certain English-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom. Initially a spear-phishing campaign, the RomCom attack has evolved to include domain and download spoofing of well-known and trusted products. In this piece, we’ll break d
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Beware of What Is Lurking in the Shadows of Your IT

This post was written with contributions from Joseph Lozowski. Comprehensive incident preparedness requires building out and testing response plans that consider the possibility that threats will bypass all security protections. An example of a threat vector that can bypass security protections is “shadow IT” and it is one that organizations mus
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How Posture Management Prevents Catastrophic Cloud Breaches

We’ve all heard about catastrophic cloud breaches. But for every cyberattack reported in the news, many more may never reach the public eye. Perhaps worst of all, a large number of the offending vulnerabilities might have been avoided entirely through proper cloud configuration.   Many big cloud security catastrophes often result from what appear
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Emotional Blowback: Dealing With Post-Incident Stress

Cyberattacks are on the rise as adversaries find new ways of creating chaos and increasing profits. Attacks evolve constantly and often involve real-world consequences. The growing criminal Software-as-a-Service enterprise puts ready-made tools in the hands of threat actors who can use them against the software supply chain and other critical systems. And t
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How the DNSChanger Shutdown Changed Cybersecurity

On the morning of July 9, 2012, the world braced for an “internet doomsday”: a full-scale crash of the global internet.  Except it didn’t happen. And that non-event represented the culmination of a long and successful coordinated action taken between a huge number of organizations, spearheaded by the FBI.  It was one of the most
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Have board directors any liability for a cyberattack against their company?

Are the directors of a company hit by a cyberattack liable for negligence in failing to take steps to limit the risk. As the risk of a cyberattack grows, it is pivotal to consider whether the directors of a company hit by a ransomware attack, for example, can bear any liability for negligence in failing to take steps to limit the risk. During the past
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How Do Data Breaches Impact Economic Instability?

Geopolitical conflict, inflation, job market pressure, rising debt — we’ve been hearing about economic headwinds for a while now. Could data breaches have anything to do with this? According to a recent IBM report, the average cost of a data breach has reached an all-time high. Like any other business liability, these costs must be absorbed some
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How Cybersecurity Policy Has Changed Since the SolarWinds Attack

Major cyberattacks since 2019 jolted the U.S. government and software industry into action. The succeeding years have seen executive orders, new funding, two summits and a newfound resolve. Because of those attacks, the federal government aims to fix the open-source software security threat altogether. But what has really come of these efforts in the last f
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How to Prevent High Risk Authentication Coercion Vulnerabilities

Most of us already know the basic principle of authentication, which, in its simplest form, helps us to identify and verify a user, process, or account. In an Active Directory environment, this is commonly done through the use of an NTLM hash. When a user wants to access a network resource, such as a file share, their password is hashed and sent over a crypt
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