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“Eye Pyramid”, the Cyber-Espionage Malware that has Italy Reeling

This Tuesday, the Italian state police dismantled a cyber-espionage ring spearheaded by a brother and sister that sought to exert control over public institutions and administrations, professional studios, employers, and politicians. The network was able to access confidential information by installing a virus on victims’ computers, stealing information sens
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OPM breach included five times more stolen fingerprints

The Office of Personnel Management's press secretary, Sam Schumach, announced this morning that the breach of OPM background investigation data included approximately 5.6 million sets of fingerprints from federal employees, contractors, and other subjects of federal background checks. The new number, tied to the discovery of additional archived data that was
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Security tools that are safe from the NSA

U.S. Intelligence services have shown on numerous occasions how adept they are at accessing our data without permission. Nevertheless, there is still hope that you can keep your confidential information safe from the prying eyes of the NSA: Its expert spies still haven’t been able to crack all encryption systems.Encryption tools are frequently used to safegu
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Cyberespionage: ‘This Isn’t a Problem That Can Be Solved’

WASHINGTON–Gentlemen may not read each other’s mail, as Henry Stimson famously said so long ago, but in today’s world they certainly steal it and there’s precious little in the way of gentlemanly conduct happening in the realm of cyberespionage. It’s every man—or country—for himself in this environment, and that free-for-all is
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