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Cyber Risk and Cyber Insurance – Insurance challenge to the CIO as corporate Cyber Security Effectiveness manager

[By Cesare Burei, Margas on courtesy of @CLUSIT – Rapporto Clusit 2017 – All right reserved] Until the corporate Risk Managers dealing with Cyber Risk, and there are not many of these, start working at all levels, who shall be entrusted with the management of Cyber Risks and, more specifically, with the transfer of risk to the Insurance Companies? The
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NACD Publishes Five Cybersecurity Principles Every Board Director Needs to Know

“Directors don’t need to be technologists to play an effective role in cyber risk oversight — but every board can take the opportunity to improve the effectiveness of their cyber oversight practices.” — Peter Gleason, NACD President In January 2017, the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) released an updated edition of its &#
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Looking at the Bigger Picture for Your Information Security Program

Derailed projects, unexpected outages and related problems plague IT and security professionals. These distractions can impede progress in your information security program and create unnecessary risks. It’s human nature to oil the squeakiest wheel, to jump on a problem that’s calling out for immediate attention. We must all resist the urge to ch
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Employ Enterprise Security Collaboration to Blunt Cyber Risks

The security of enterprise data was once the domain of IT and a few specialists who tracked intrusion events and maintained company firewalls. But even in today’s environment, which typically includes a chief information officer (CIO) and chief information security officer (CISO), enterprise security collaboration can help IT leaders increase knowledge
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More Executives Turn to Cyber Risk Transfer

As cyber threats grow in scope and potential impact, the complexity of enterprise digital data protection grows to astonishing proportions. Last year, a Fortune 500 survey revealed that cyber security is the second biggest concern for CEOs, who keep looking for new solutions to keep their data safe and their clients happy.The enterprise data is worth more t
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The Current State of the Cyber Insurance Market and its Role in Managing Cyber Risk

Posted July 14, 2015   Tracie GrellaCyber insurance is the fastest growing insurance product today, it’s development spurred on by several large data breaches covered in the news the past year and a half.  As with any new product/service, there is a lot of variation and evolution in the coverage; here is what you need to know:1). As a na
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