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DDoS Protection is Plagued with Vulnerabilities

Approaching the halfway point of 2023, we can now determine that Q2 has seen a record of DDoS attacks, on virtually every vertical and industry. From banks and governments to telecom and shipping, many organizations were targeted and the number of successful DDoS attacks that caused severe downtime is alarming. DDoS attackers understand that even the best DD
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DDoS Vs. Gaming: Lagging and Glitching

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are growing increasingly common across all industries, leaving many businesses scrambling for solutions to get back online fast. The gaming industry is not foreign to DDoS attacks. It was among the first industries targeted by DDoS when this attack method became common, back in the days when no protection solution
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A Traveller’s Guide to Staying Cyber safe

With the massive increase in mobile device sales worldwide, it is easy to imagine that the number of people using the internet while travelling has also increased significantly in recent years. With this growth in online activity comes a greater risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime. There are a number of steps that travellers can take to protect themselve
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WhatsApp Scams in 2022: What to Look out for

WhatsApp is ranked as the most popular mobile messenger app in the world.  In fact, there are two billion active users on the app. This is an incredibly large audience. Unfortunately, it is also a huge number of potential victims for criminals to target. Cybercriminals are increasingly using WhatsApp as the medium for their attacks, and while people hav
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Email and cybersecurity: Fraudsters are knocking

Can you remember your first email? Either sending one, or receiving it? I certainly remember explaining to people what email was, and I also remember someone telling me they could live without their email server for “about a month before it becomes a problem”.Can you imagine that now? A month without email?Emails are a necessary evilAccording to
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5 tips for spotting and avoiding Pig butchering scams

A new type of scam, called “pig butchering” is gaining momentum. Pig butchering is a unique scam which uses a romance scam script, but with an investment spin on it, where victims are groomed to invest large sums of money, often on fake crypto apps. Behind the scenes of these scams are scam centers run by cryptocurrency scammers, who coerce human trafficking
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3 Types of Network Attacks to Watch Out For

Cybersecurity is becoming more of a common term in today’s industry. It is being passed around executive meetings along with financial information and projected marketing strategies. Within the cybersecurity lexicon, there are some attack methods that are repeated enough to become part of a “common tongue”. These terms are infrastructure agnostic; it does no
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Email Fraud in 2022: What you Need to Know

With how much of our personal and professional lives take place online, it becomes more important each day for us to understand our vulnerability to cyberattacks. Cybercriminals target emails, domains, and accounts in order to impersonate identities and scam consumers and businesses alike. In 2021 alone, email spoofing and phishing increased by 220% and caus
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Malware on IBM Power Systems: What You Need to Know

Malware – what are the threats?Malware can come from and in a variety of attack vectors. Besides using ‘traditional’ methods of spreading malware, adversaries can leverage more sophisticated methods to turn your Power System into a ‘malware host’.The key target is your data. Data is valuable, and organisations have paid at least $602 million to ransomware ga
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More malware-infested apps found in the Google Play store

Three million Android users may have lost money and had their devices infected by spyware, after the discovery that the official Google Play store has been distributing apps infected by a new family of malware.French security researcher Maxime Ingrao described last week on Twitter how he had discovered the new malware, named “Autolycos”, and how
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10,000 organisations targeted by phishing attack that bypasses multi-factor authentication

Microsoft has shared details of a widespread phishing campaign that not only attempted to steal the passwords of targeted organisations, but was also capable of circumventing multi-factor authentication (MFA) defences.The attackers used AiTM (Attacker-in-The-Middle) reverse-proxy sites to pose as Office 365 login pages which requested MFA codes, and then use
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Lockdown Mode: Apple to protect users from targeted spyware attacks

Apple has previewed a new feature which aims to harden high-risk users from the serious threat of being spied upon by enemy states and intelligence agencies.“Lockdown Mode” is scheduled to arrive later this year with the release of Apple iOS 16 and macOS Ventura. It’s an optional feature for users who believe their computers and smartphones
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How to Protect Your Remote Workforce from a Cyberattack

Earlier this year, an industry report stated that 79% of businesses remain concerned about the security risks of an increasingly remote workforce. Cyberattacks are on the rise since the COVID-19 pandemic, in part because many organizations fail to put in place adequate cybersecurity measures and procedures.In addition, there is a worldwide shortage of cybers
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Cyberthreat Defense Report 2022: Key Points You Should Know

Each year, CyberEdge publishes the Cyberthreat Defense Report (CDR). Aimed at IT security leaders, this comprehensive report outlines the threats, security issues, and industry concerns that are most pressing.Information summarized in the CDR is gathered through surveys conducted in 17 countries and 19 industries. Respondents are IT decision-makers in organi
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Reexamining the “5 Laws of Cybersecurity”

Nearly a year ago, journalist Martin Banks codified “Five Laws of Cybersecurity”. Cybersecurity is a complicated field, and any way to simplify its many facets into short, easy-to-remember maxims is always welcome. The five laws are a very good start towards developing a robust security program. The laws are:Treat everything like it’s vulnerable.Assume peopl
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