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Best of Both Worlds: Integrating Zimperium Mobile Threat Data into Microsoft Sentinel Cloud-Native SIEM

While leading organizations are actively protecting mobile endpoints, security teams haven’t had clean and scalable ways to integrate and correlate threat data with other parts of the security infrastructure. But that is changing. I recently hosted a webinar with David Branscome, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, Microsoft and our very own Kern Smith, Vice
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30 Ransomware Prevention Tips

Dealing with the aftermath of ransomware attacks is like Russian roulette. Submitting the ransom might seem like it’s the sole option for recovering locked data. But paying the ransom doesn’t mean that your organization will get its affected data back.Let’s not forget that ransomware also continues to evolve as a threat category. Beginning in late November 2
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Being Cyber Resilient Is Critical for the Maritime Industry

Cyber-attacks against maritime and shipping organizations are only increasing. Notwithstanding the IMO’s requirement for organizations in this sector to achieve cyber resilience by 2021, more and more entities are being crippled by malicious attacks.Maritime cyber-attacks are increasingThe last victim in a long list of cyber-attacks was cruise operator Carni
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Helping Inspire the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Professionals

If you had asked 10 year old Tyler what he wanted to be when he grew up, the answer would have been a very enthusiastic, “Teacher!”Over time, however, that desire lessened as my fascination with technology grew. I ultimately ended up attending Fanshawe College to study Computer Systems Technology. I never fully abandoned that desire to teach, though. For a p
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Putin proposes new information security collaboration to US, including no-hack pact for election

Putin is proposing a new cyber security collaboration with the United States, including a no-hack pact for the upcoming Presidential election. Russian Government has published a statement by President Vladimir Putin that proposes to the United States a comprehensive program of measures for restoring the Russia – US cooperation in information security.
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Joint Cybersecurity Advisory on Threat Hunting and Incident Response Released

A joint cybersecurity advisory released on September 1st detailed technical methods for uncovering and responding to malicious activity including best practice mitigations and common missteps. A collaborative effort, this advisory (coded AA20-245A) is the product of research from the cybersecurity organizations of five nations. Those include the United State
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What Is the EU Cybersecurity Act and What Does It Mean for US-Based Businesses?

During the previous weeks, we provided a thorough overview of the EU NIS Directive, focusing on the Operators of Essential Systems (OES), the Digital Service Providers (DSP) and the compliance frameworks. Our review of the EU cybersecurity policy and strategy would be incomplete without mentioning the EU Cybersecurity Act. On 27 June, the European Cybersecur
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Cyber Defense Magazine – August 2020 has arrived. Enjoy it!

Cyber Defense Magazine august 2020 Edition has arrived. We hope you enjoy this month’s edition…packed with over 147 pages of excellent content. OVER 145 PAGESALWAYS FREE – LOADED WITH EXCELLENT CONTENTLearn from the experts, cybersecurity best practicesFind out about upcoming information security related conferences, expos and trade shows.  Al
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Accomplished Global Sales Leader, Ed Carter, Joins Zimperium as Chief Revenue Officer

Zimperium today announced that Ed Carter has joined the company as Chief Revenue Officer. Leveraging more than 20 years of leadership experience, Ed will play a strategic role in accelerating Zimperium’s industry-leading growth and expansion by leading all global sales and channels.  “We are excited to welcome Ed to the Zimperium team,” said Shridhar Mittal
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10 Essential Bug Bounty Programs of 2020

In 2019, the State of Security published its most recent list of essential bug bounty frameworks. Numerous organizations and government entities have launched their own vulnerability reward programs (VRPs) since then. COVID-19 has changed the digital security landscape, as well. With that in mind, it’s time for an updated list.Here are 10 essential bug bount
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What Truly Matters for Remote Workers Using GFE and BYOD Mobile Devices

The world has changed and we all know it. Mobile operations are at the forefront of every organization and so is mobile security. We’ve all seen attacks as simple as malicious apps, SMS phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks; to the more challenging, such as elevation of privileges, exfiltration of data and command and control manipulation. What you may not
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Zimperium Partners with ZecOps to Deliver the Only Integrated Mobile Threat Defense and Automated Digital Forensics Solu

Integration extends Zimperium solution to include ZecOps’ automated agentless Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) capabilities Our new strategic partnership with ZecOps, the leading agentless automated Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) company, provides Zimperium customers with the only comprehensive mobile detection, forensics and i
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Top 5 Ways to Secure All Remote Workers with Microsoft & Zimperium

I had the pleasure of recently conducting a timely webinar on the Top Five Ways to Secure All Remote Workers with two executives from our partners at Microsoft – – Dave Randall, Senior Program Manager of Endpoint Manager, and Aasawari Navathe, Program Manager. The world changed overnight Even before the pandemic, it’s surprising how quickl
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3 Reasons Security is Foundational for Mobile App Development

On any given day, I’ll read at least one article about an enterprise release of a new app. I’ll also see many more that I just don’t have time to read. I have noticed that certain themes recur across the articles–more on that in a moment. But I have also noticed one glaring absence. What I am not seeing is attention to mobile app security. From one pe
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Cyber Security 101: How Much Do You Really Know?

Cyber Security 101: How Much Do You Really Know? April 21st, 2020 No Comments Data Protection, Online Safety, PC security, Uncategorized Cyberattacks. We hear about them everywhere – from your neighbor whose son downloaded a video game that cr
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