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Just How Much Home Security Do You Need Right Now?

When it comes to home security, technology provides us with plenty of solutions for all needs and budgets. The problem is the same technology also provides burglars and perpetrators with the similar means of bypassing your fancy security systems. Long gone are the days when burglars would brutally force their way into your home with a lever. Now they can dis
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Women in Information Security: Zoё Rose

Women are eagerly needed in information security because we offer unique perspectives and there are so few of us.So far in this series, I interviewed Tiberius Hefflin, Tracy Maleef, Isly, Kat Sweet, and Jess Dodson–five different women from different parts of the English-speaking world and from different areas of IT.For my sixth and final interview, I
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How to Approach Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems

Today’s industrial control systems (ICS) face an array of digital threats. Two in particular stand out. On the one hand, digital attackers are increasingly targeting and succeeding in gaining unauthorized access to industrial organizations. Some actors use malware, while others resort to spear-phishing (or whaling) and other social engineering techniqu
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Defeating Cybercrime with Awareness and Good Habits

Information security is a growing problem even in the protected, static environment of the business office. The challenges of securely accessing and storing data while traveling, however, are particularly acute, but they are manageable with (1) a high-level of awareness coupled with (2) a few good habits.AwarenessForget about hackers in the movies, forget sc
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Germany Readies Cyber Unit to Fight Terrorism on the Web

Germany has a message for terrorists who use the Internet to carry out their aims: “Your number is up.”Thomas de MazièreOn 11 August, Germany’s federal interior minister Thomas de Mazière announced the creation of Zentrale Stelle für Informationstechnik im Sicherheitsbereich (ZITiS), or “Central Office for Information in Security Sphe
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Patients diverted to other hospitals after ransomware locks down key software

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, a hospital in Los Angeles, is the victim of what officials describe as an ongoing cyberattack. A hospital spokesperson told Ars in a prepared statement that "patient care has not been affected" by the intrusion. And an executive of the hospital told reporters that the attack was "random" and not targeted at patient reco
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Protect Your Entire Digital Self

How much time do you spend at work?For some the answer is too much! No matter how much time you spend, I’m willing to guess that it’s an important part of your week. Your work is part of who you are, where you go, and what you do.That is why Cisco is proud to join the National Cybersecurity Alliance in its support of White House efforts to improve online sec
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Beware the Cyber Blind Spots

A blind spot is defined as “an area where a person’s view is obstructed.” As a longstanding professional in the industry, seeing the rhetoric change over the years, from Information Security, through Information Assurance and now to “cyber security,” what is occurring is the creation of a significant and worrying blind spot.Sadly, what people appear to
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Cyberjargon and 100% Security

Cyberjargon and 100% Security Posted by David Harley on October 23, 2015.Further to the post Music, Security, and a Nice Cup of Tea, I just came across this very-much-to-the-point post by Kurt Wismer, specially for those of us who are thoroughly annoyed by the addition of the word R
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Filling the cyber skills gap

Filling the cyber skills gap Posted by Kevin on June 26, 2015.It’s one of those strange anomalies: there is a huge shortage of skills in cyber security and yet there are no jobs – at least not for the youngster fresh from school or college. Enthusiasm is not enough. Intelligence
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A Comparative Analysis of National “Cyber” Security Strategies – Germany and the U.S.

 Last week, Tripwire published an article analyzing the ways in which the United States’ International Strategy for Cyberspace (ISC 2011) has informed the ideas outlined in the recently released 2015 National Security Strategy (U.S. NSS 2015).In my analysis, I compared both documents’ usage of the term “cyber” and found that while they vary somewhat in
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‘CSI: Cyber’ Riddled with Misperceptions, Lacks ‘Cyber’ Substance

 On March 4, the series premiere for the new crime drama CSI: Cyber aired on CBS. The show stars Patricia Arquette, who recently won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in a Supporting Role, as Avery Ryan, a behavioral analyst who solves crimes under the FBI Cyber Division. Peter MacNiol, Charley Koontz, Hayley Kiyoko, James Van Der Beek,and Shad Moss
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Understanding U.S. NSS 2015 Using the International Strategy for Cyberspace

 Last week, we used the United States’ 2015 National Security Strategy (NSS) as a reference point to analyze “A Strong Britain in an Age of Uncertainty: The National Security Strategy,” the United Kingdom’s 2010 National Security Strategy. Though limited in scope, this comparative analysis revealed a number of important findings, including the UK’s reco
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Masque Attack — New iOS Vulnerability Allows Hackers to Replace Apps with Malware

Android have been a long time target for cyber criminals, but now it seems that they have turned their way towards iOS devices. Apple always says that hacking their devices is too difficult for cyber crooks, but a single app has made it possible for anyone to hack an iPhone. A security flaw in Apple's mobile iOS operating system has made most iPhones and iPa
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Malware is called malicious for a reason: the risks of weaponizing code

Should malicious code be used as a weapon of war? This is not a hypothetical musing but a question that has been under serious discussion in military and diplomatic quarters for some time. We already know from U.S. National Security Agency documents leaked by Edward Snowden that for several years now the NSA has been deploying Computer Network Attack “
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