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Creating Brand Trust: A Key Currency for Business

This is the first in a blog series about building and maintaining brand trust.  Brand trust has always been valuable for business, but the ways to develop it have changed a lot in the digital age. I’ve seen a dramatic shift in the last twenty years while I’ve worked in technology and development. In terms of both my personal and professiona
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Safeguard Sensitive Data With a Next-Generation Data Security Approach

There is no silver bullet when it comes to protecting sensitive data. No single security technology investment will eliminate the risk of data theft or a mistake exposing sensitive information. To proactively defend against attackers, enterprise security teams are learning that they need to collect and centralize security and compliance information from all
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Achieve Flexibility in Business Through Digital Trust and Risk Management

I grew up watching professional football back in the 70s, when defenses were so good they had their own nicknames. The Pittsburgh Steelers had the “Steel Curtain,” the Miami Dolphins had the “No-Name Defense” and the Dallas Cowboys had the “Doomsday Defense.” The Cowboys’ defense was based on a newfangled concept cal
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How CIAM Addresses the Challenges of Consumer Identity Management

Consumer identities are at the heart of brand engagements today. Digital interactions are a routine part of our lives and touchpoints for consumers have reached astounding heights. Nearly 60 percent of the world is digitally connected and more than half of the world’s population will be using social media by the middle of 2020, according to We Are Soci
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A Proposed New Trust Framework for Physical and Digital Identity Interactions

Identity is a difficult term to define in the cybersecurity world. The range of personal information that can be associated with an identity interaction is highly dependent on the situational context of the interaction. The definition of identity also depends on the context of the medium within which it is exchanged. In the physical world, when we talk about
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How Retail Security Can Welcome IoT Innovations Without Putting Customers at Risk

Retail businesses, from mom-and-pop shops to major department stores, are investing heavily in technology to enhance the in-store experience. With the imminent arrival of mainstream 5G, smarter systems are expected to dominate the retail space as the internet of things (IoT) expands. But as we know from connected device deployments in other sectors, such as
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Workforce Versus Consumer IAM: Key Differences and Use Cases

As a consumer, have you ever visited an online retail site only to be bombarded by a pop-up window asking for your email address in order to get a nominal discount? Or consider the process of exploring a home mortgage with a major financial institution. Your first interaction with the bank or financial institution prompts a request for your Social Security i
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IAM Feeling Good? What CISOs Should Know About the Feeling of Identity and Access Management Solutions

I switched banks years ago. My former bank’s financial services and benefits were average when compared to other banks, but something in particular triggered my decision to switch. I had developed a bad online user experience, and especially a bad feeling about identity and access management (IAM). The online banking website had some clunky functionali
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Inconvenient Security: When Attorneys Drive Security Decisions

The Choice Escrow fraud liability case was once again in the news as an appellate court denied its request for a rehearing of its case against BancorpSouth over wire fraud liability. Choice Escrow was found responsible for a $440,000 online wire fraud in 2010, primarily because it refused to use dual authorization security offered by the bank for wire transf
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