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Experts spotted a new variant of the Cuba Ransomware with optimized infection techniques

The Cuba ransomware operators are back and employed a new version of its malware in recent attacks. Cuba ransomware has been active since at least January 2020. Its operators have a data leak site, where they post exfiltrated data from their victims who refused to pay the ransom. The ransomware encrypts files on the targeted systems using the “.cuba” exte
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The strange link between Industrial Spy and the Cuba ransomware operation

The recently launched Industrial Spy data extortion marketplace has now started its ransomware operation. In April, Malware HunterTeam and Bleeping Computer reported the launch of a new dark web marketplace called Industrial Spy that sells stolen data and offers free stolen data to its members. MalwareHunterTeam researchers spotted malware samples [1, 2]
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Connecting the Bots – Hancitor fuels Cuba Ransomware Operations

The Cuba Ransomware gang has partnered with the crooks behind the Hancitor malware in attacks aimed at corporate networks. The Hancitor downloader has been around for quite some time already. It is known since at least 2016 for dropping Pony and Vawtrak. As a loader, it has been used to download other malware families, such as Ficker stealer and
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