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Zero-day spells disaster for Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATMs have experienced a severe bout of cash drain after a zero-day bug was exploited to steal a total of $1.5 million in digital currency. The ATMs, located in various convenience stores, function along the lines of regular banking ATMs except your dealings are all in the cryptocurrency realm. As Ars Technica notes, a particular feature of the affect
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Parallax RAT used in attacks aimed at cryptocurrency entities

Experts warn of a new wave of attacks against cryptocurrency entities, threat actors are using a RAT dubbed Parallax RAT for Infiltration. Researchers from cybersecurity firm Uptycs warns of attacks targeting cryptocurrency organizations with the Parallax remote access Trojan (RAT). Parallax RAT has been distributed through malvertising and phishing c
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Highly evasive cryptocurrency miner targets macOS

Researchers warn of an evasive cryptojacking malware targeting macOS which spreads through pirated applications Jamf Threat Labs researchers reported that an evasive cryptojacking malware targeting macOS was spotted spreading under the guise of the Apple-developed video editing software, Final Cut Pro.  Trojanized versions of legitimate applications ar
Publish At:2023-02-24 11:52 | Read:146189 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Cyber Crime Hacking Malware cryptocurrency Cyb

Norwegian Seize Stolen Crypto Funds Linked to the Lazarus Group

Norwegian Seize Stolen Crypto Funds Linked to the Lazarus Group February 21st, 2023 No Comments Data Privacy, Data Protection, Online Safety, PC security In March 2022, the Lazarus Group, a North Korea-backed hacking group, stole around $5.84 million worth of
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Mortal Kombat ransomware forms tag team with crypto-stealing malware

An “unidentified actor” is making use of these two malicious files to cause combo-laden mayhem on desktops around the world, according to new research from Talos. The tag-team campaign serves up ransomware known as Mortal Kombat, which borrows the name made famous by the video game, and Laplas Clipper malware, a clipboard stealer. Depending on th
Publish At:2023-02-17 22:17 | Read:244680 | Comments:0 | Tags:News mortal kombat ransomware laplas clipper cryptocurrency

How Falling Crypto Prices Impacted Cyber Crime

Some rare good news in the world of cyber crime trends: Certain crimes declined in 2022 after years of constant rises. Should we credit crypto? Some estimates say that cryptocurrencies have lost $2 trillion in value since November 2021. During that time, the costs associated with cyber crimes, such as ransomware payouts and financial scams, declined. 
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Experts discover over 451 clipper malware-laced packages in the PyPI repository

Threat actors published more than 451 unique malware-laced Python packages on the official Python Package Index (PyPI) repository. Phylum researchers spotted more than 451 unique Python packages on the official Python Package Index (PyPI) repository in an attempt to deliver clipper malware on the developer systems. According to the experts, the activit
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Ryuk ransomware laundering leads to guilty plea

Ryuk, a mainstay of the ransomware scene for some years until it transformed into Conti (and then split off into other groups after that), is back in the news again... though not in the way you might have imagined. It’s not a compromise, or a surprise comeback. What we have is a guilty plea, as a Russian citizen is the focus of a ra
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How to Spot a Nefarious Cryptocurrency Platform

Do you ever wonder if your cryptocurrency platform cashes in ransomware payments? Maybe not, but it might be worth investigating. Bitcoin-associated ransomware continues to plague companies, government agencies and individuals with no signs of letting up. And if your platform gets sanctioned, you may instantly lose access to all your funds. What exchanges o
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New Dingo crypto token found charging a 99% transaction fee

Researchers at IT security company Check Point security have flagged Dingo Token as a potential scam after finding a function that allows the project's owner to manipulate trading fees up to 99% of the transaction value.The warning from Check Point comes after company researchers have already witnessed this malicious fee change 47 times.Dingo Token
Publish At:2023-02-06 00:10 | Read:345016 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security CryptoCurrency

New HeadCrab malware infects 1,200 Redis servers to mine Monero

New stealthy malware designed to hunt down vulnerable Redis servers online has infected over a thousand of them since September 2021 to build a botnet that mines for Monero cryptocurrency.Discovered by Aqua Security researchers Nitzan Yaakov and Asaf Eitani, who dubbed it HeadCrab, the malware has so far ensnared at least 1,200 such servers, which are also u
Publish At:2023-02-01 20:12 | Read:165186 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security CryptoCurrency

Porsche halts NFT launch, phishing sites fill the void

Porsche cut its minting of a new NFT collection short after a dismal turnout and backlash from the crypto community, allowing threat actors to fill the void by creating phishing sites that steal digital assets from cryptocurrency wallets.NFTs (not-fungible tokens) are digital assets stored on a blockchain, representing proof of authenticity and ownership of
Publish At:2023-01-30 20:11 | Read:572837 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security CryptoCurrency

How the Silk Road Affair Changed Law Enforcement

The Silk Road was the first modern dark web marketplace, an online place for anonymously buying and selling illegal products and services using Bitcoin.  Ross Ulbricht created The Silk Road in 2011 and operated it until 2013 when the FBI shut it down. Its creator was eventually arrested and sentenced to life in prison. But in a plot twist right out of
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FBI: North Korean hackers stole $100 million in Harmony crypto hack

The FBI has confirmed that the North Korean state-sponsored 'Lazarus' and APT38 hacking groups were behind the theft of $100 million worth of Ethereum stolen from Harmony Horizon in June 2022Harmony Horizon is a cross-chain bridge for Ethereum that suffered a breach in June 2022, allowing hackers to assume control of a MultiSigWallet contract and u
Publish At:2023-01-24 12:15 | Read:134699 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security CryptoCurrency FBI hack

LastPass users should move their crypto funds, experts warn

Several experts have warned LastPass users who store cryptocurrency-related login information in their vaults to change that login information as soon as they can. Apparently, cybercriminals who have access to the stolen information are making it a priority to decrypt the data in an attempt to access to cryptowallets and online accounts. The breac
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