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Guarding the Crown Jewels: The Importance of Intellectual Property Security in the Age of Sprawl

As organizations march into the digital age, data sprawl is accelerating. Information of all kinds is stored everywhere, accessed by multiple people many times a day and shared across corporate and international boundaries. Most organizations do not have a handle on data locations, ownership and flows outside of regulated or compliance-related information. T
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Five Steps to Protect Your Critical Data From Insider Threats

As companies around the world turn their attention to advanced threats endangering their most sensitive data, one category is commanding much-deserved attention: insider threats. With 44.5 percent of attacks perpetrated by malicious insiders, guarding against these incidents is becoming a pressing concern. An effective way to tackle insider threats is with a
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Data Discovery and Classification: Will You Do It or Let the Attackers Do It for You?

We’ve heard the phrase crown jewels a lot lately. We aren’t talking about royalty and alarmed glass enclosures, though. We’re talking about data classification — specifically, the most valuable data in the enterprise. This is the data that, if it falls into the wrong hands, could mean significant damage to a company, government, health care
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To Err Is Human: Why Your Users’ Identity Is Your Security’s Weakest Link

With 2014 sometimes called “The Year of the Breach,” many organizations have realized their most serious security threat isn’t the external attack. Instead, it’s the user who can compromise or leak the organization’s most sensitive data — its “crown jewels” — either intentionally or accidentally. According to IBMR
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Data Security Goes Beyond Technology

The digital business environment brings tremendous opportunity — along with the risk of data breaches targeting important business data assets. This data is an essential component of decision-making, ongoing operations, market competitiveness and regulatory compliance. With so much value contained in business data, threats and attacks on an enterprise’
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Using Outlier Detection to Catch Sneaky Data Breaches

TMI: The Problem of Too Much Information in Data Security I am going to describe innovative technology based on machine learning, called “outlier detection,” in the context of data security. But first, let’s review why it’s so important for data breach detection to evolve beyond traditional, policy-based monitoring and auditing soluti
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Data Classification: Crown Jewels or Costume Jewelry?

What’s the value? Data classification is hard. When I was working in the realm of credit card data as a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA), one of the things that I always found interesting was how companies protected their credit card data versus the rest of the data in their organization. Often, businesses had placed many additional controls around th
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IBM’s CISO Joanne Martin Provides Perspective on Security

Whether you work for a large global enterprise or a small- to medium-sized business, you know that you have a shared responsibility to keep your company’s data safe and secure. This is a responsibility you carry as you traverse through your day-to-day duties, and nowhere is it more evident than at IBM under Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Joa
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