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FSEC 2017 Wrap-Up Day #2

Here we go with a quick wrap-up of the second day. It started smoothly around 09:00 and was dedicated to more technical talks. After some refill of coffee, I was ready to follow all talks presented in the main track. It started with LiveOverflow who presented “Play CTF“. CTF games (“Capture The Flag”) are present on the schedule of many infosec conferences 
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FSEC 2017 Wrap-Up Day #1

There are more and more infosec events worldwide and it’s always nice to attend new events and meet new people. This time, it is the case with FSEC. First visit to this security conference organized in Varazdin, Croatia. I had the honor to be invited as a speaker. This is already the seventh edition. FSEC was born thanks to the initiative of Tonimir Ki
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