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Guarding the Crown Jewels: The Importance of Intellectual Property Security in the Age of Sprawl

As organizations march into the digital age, data sprawl is accelerating. Information of all kinds is stored everywhere, accessed by multiple people many times a day and shared across corporate and international boundaries. Most organizations do not have a handle on data locations, ownership and flows outside of regulated or compliance-related information. T
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Location! Location! Location! Managing and Protecting Critical Data in the Age of Sprawl

It should be no surprise to anyone that the digital age has created data sprawl. Information and critical data are no longer confined to desks and filing cabinets in locked rooms, but stretched across the enterprise in locations far and wide. Data locations first expanded to structured databases, then unstructured local user systems and then file shares. As
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Is Cloud Security a Safe Bet for Highly Sensitive Government Data?

Security is the primary focus of any government agency. One of the most obvious pitfalls of these agencies moving highly sensitive data to the cloud is that they surrender control to a third party. Moreover, nothing on the internet is truly secure, and all data is vulnerable to attacks and threats. The exposure footprint to those threats is staggering unde
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The Enemy Within: Identifying Insider Threats in Your Organization

Security professionals and managers are increasingly concerned that the leading information security risk to organizations comes from within. But despite the sinister overtones of this problem, insider threats are associated more with accidents and oversights than malicious actors. The danger is amplified by shortfalls in training and expertise, and the ch
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Five Steps to Protect Your Critical Data From Insider Threats

As companies around the world turn their attention to advanced threats endangering their most sensitive data, one category is commanding much-deserved attention: insider threats. With 44.5 percent of attacks perpetrated by malicious insiders, guarding against these incidents is becoming a pressing concern. An effective way to tackle insider threats is with a
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Securing the Nonprofit

Running an IT security department in a nonprofit or charitable agency is very different from what’s found in a typical for-profit corporation. I spoke to David Goodman, who has held CIO jobs in a variety of nonprofits andĀ is now the CIO-in-residence forĀ NetHope, a membership organization serving the needs of the CIOs from 43 of the largest internationa
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