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The New Battlefield: Why Nation-State Malware is Winning

This warfare is being fought with computers and special created malware. It is Cyber Warfare and every large nation is playing along The most recent exposed vulnerability from Microsoft demonstrates exactly the type of method Nation-State attackers’ use. So how does a nation as sophisticated as the United States keep losing the cyber battle? The problem lie
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But have I really been pwned? Vetting your data

The news has been full of leaked passwords for some popular services recently. We can see very big numbers being tossed around casually, both in accounts breached and potential dollar losses. But researchers like Brian Krebs (Link, Link) have noted that these numbers can be exaggerated for effect, and sometimes blatantly wrong. So where exactly do these numb
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The Hunt For Tech Support Scammers

Just when you think you’ve seen everything when it comes to tech support scams, you realize how far the miscreants behind this plague will go to rob innocent people. A group known as Tech Kangaroos has been impersonating legitimate software companies and charging their victims hundreds, sometimes even over a thousand dollars, for completely bogus softw
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“I’d like to add you to my scammer network”

We’ve encountered many a tech support scam over the years, and the story is usually the same: a fake Blue Screen of Death says your computer is packed with viruses, and to call “tech support” at a handy 800 number.  At this point the scammers remote into your system and can do anything from load malware to steal your credit card information
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$30 million ransomware campaign derailed as Angler Exploit Kit operations disrupted

The internet is a little bit safer today, and that is something we should all be grateful for.The reason? Security researchers have taken on organised criminal gangs who have been using the notorious Angler Exploit Kit in malware campaigns stealing up to $3 million each month through ransomware attacks.The Angler Exploit Kit is a prime weapon in the arsenal
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10 Notorious Cyber Criminals Brought to Justice – No. 4

 Last week, we investigated the story of Vladislav Anatolievich Horohorin, a Ukrainian hacker who was well known online for managing several web forums where cyber criminals could dump and sell users’ stolen payment card credentials.Tripwire now continues its series on some of the most notorious cyber criminals brought to justice with Vladmir Drinkman,
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