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Europol IOCTA 2021 Report: The Key Takeaways

Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement agency, recently published the 2021 Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA) report. The report, which is Europol’s flagship strategic product that provides a law enforcement focused assessment of evolving threats and key developments in the area of cybercrime, highlights the expansion o
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Freedom Hosting operator gets 27 years for hosting Dark Web child abuse sites

The wheels of justice have turned, if perhaps a bit slower than you may have expected. A Dublin resident, Eric Eoin Marques, has been sentenced to 27 years in federal prison. The reason is the frankly terrifying tally of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) he helped to distribute. Eoin helped to make no fewer than 8.5 million images of abuse available on the
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A sad story of pedophilia on how disgusting images fed the web

The journalist Livio Varriale sheds the light on a story about pedophilia that starts from afar and still today finds its roots in the darker side of the internet. Today, I’m going to tell you a horrible story that dwells on the dark web, a story about pedophilia that starts from afar and still today finds its roots in the darker side of the inter
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Malware is Becoming Alarming. Can You Hear Me Now?

A supposed “white hat” hacker gained access to the network of the Dallas Office of Emergency Management and managed to set off 156 sirens used to alert of an emergency Alarms blared for 90 minutes before the city was able to manually shut down the entire system. How does this continue to happen? Because the current method of stopping malware just isn’t work
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Breaking News: “It’s a Very Large-Scale Espionage Operation”

A complex cybercrime spy ring has been revealed today. A China-based cyber gang is behind the effort. Countries targeted include Japan, UK, France and the United States. If you’re responsible for your company’s cyber security, chances are, someone in your office has probably already forwarded this story to you. The Telegraph is sharing a story
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Ennetcom – Dutch Police confirmed to have decrypted BlackBerry PGP messages in a criminal case

The Dutch police decrypted a number of PGP messages sent by crooks through their BlackBerry mobile devices for the criminal investigation on Ennetcom. PGP is an open source end-to-end encryption standard that can be used to sign emails, files, documents, or disk partitions. On April 2016, the Dutch Police arrested a 36-year-old man on suspicion of money laun
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West African Computer Criminals Steal $3M Annually from Targets, Finds Report

West African computer criminals steal approximately three million dollars annually from businesses and individuals, finds a new report.In their report Cybercrime in West Africa: Poised for an Underground Market, Trend Micro and INTERPOL say West African bad actors stole 2.7 million USD from businesses and 422,000 USD from individuals each year between 2013 a
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Western Union agreed to pay $586 Million to settle fraud charges

The money transfer leader company Western Union has agreed to forfeit $586 million  to settle fraud charges and admitted it facilitated scammers. Money transfer leader company Western Union has admitted to facilitating wire fraud and it has agreed to pay $586 million to settle fraud charges from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Department of J
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Cyber crimes spike in England and Wales, says ONS

For the first time the England the Office for National Statistics (ONS) includes data related hacking and fraud, and findings are shocking. Cyber criminal activities in England and Wales have shown a spike in the last twelve months, Cyber frauds and computer misuse offences are most common crimes of this worrisome trend. According to the report “Crime
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Dutch Police seized two servers of the VPN provider Perfect Privacy

The Dutch Police has seized two servers belonging to Switzerland-based Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider Perfect Privacy, as part of an investigation. Recently, two European countries, France and Germany, have declared war against encryption with an objective to force major technology companies to build encryption backdoors in their secure messaging se
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Fraud and Computer Misuse Crime on the Rise, Study Finds

A new report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) states that cybercrime is on the raise in England and Wales.According to the report, adults aged 16 and over experienced an estimated 5.8 million incidents in the past 12 months, with 3.8 million of those classified as fraud and another 2 million as computer misuse incidents.Regarding fraud, there we
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Eurocops get new cyber powers to hunt down terrorists, criminals

Europe’s police agency Europol has been given enhanced cyber powers to track down terrorists and other criminals.The new governance rules were approved by the European Parliament’s civil liberties committee on Thursday by a massive majority. MEPs claimed that the new powers come with strong data protection safeguards and democratic oversight.Further ReadingB
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Unprotected WiFi Hook-Ups in action at Collision

Collision is coming to a close today, and what a week it’s been. F-Secure’s Chief Research Officer Mikko Hyppönen was there earlier in the week, and gave a compelling talk on the evolution of cyber crime. He also gave a quick post-talk interview, so check out this Quickfire article to learn who Mikko thinks deserves a slap in the face. F-Secure also ran a ba
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Dutch police seize the Ennetcom encrypted communication network

The Dutch police in an international effort with Canadian authorities seized the Ennetcom encrypted communication network used by 19,000 users. Another success of the Dutch law enforcement against the cybercrime. The police arrested the owner of Ennetcom, a provider of encrypted communications with more than 19,000 customers. Prosecutors suspect he was using
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Microsoft is right, gag orders are bad

Microsoft is fed up with information requests from the US authorities that come with gag orders, and went to court to clarify if they really are legal. It’s very easy to sympathize with Microsoft in this case. I’m no lawyer so I’m not going to speculate on their chances to succeed. Instead, I’m going to tell you why I think Microsoft should win, and base all
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