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US and UE, a joint effort against the Dridex Botnet

A joint effort of law enforcement agencies the US and EU and with the support of private cybersecurity firm aims to disrupt the activities of the Dridex botnet. Dridex malware is known to be the successor of another malware like Cridex, Feodo, Bugat, etc etc, and uses many techniques with the purpose of stealing users, normall
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Law Enforcement Shuts Down Dridex Operation

Once word circulated of the arrest of a Moldovan man allegedly connected with the development and distribution of the Dridex banking malware, it was a matter of time before the operation¬†was put out of business for good.The FBI, Department of Justice, the U.K.’s National Crime Agency¬†and a number of other European law enforcement and technology compani
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Dridex Banking Trojan Spreading Via Macros in XML Files

Not long ago, criminals pushing the Dridex banking Trojan were using Microsoft Excel documents spiked with a malicious macro as a phishing lure to entice victims to load the malware onto their machines.Even though macros are disabled by default inside most organizations, the persistent hackers are still at it, this time using XML files as a lure. Research
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Cybercriminals Use Decade-Old Technique to Steal Your Banking Credentials

They say history repeats itself. In terms of online threats, this is a very appropriate statement. Cybercriminals are distributing a malware called Dridex by reviving a popular technique from the early 2000s that takes advantage of the macros function in Microsoft Office.Macros are legitimate functions in Microsoft Word and Excel that are used to combine mul
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Cridex Malware Takes Lesson From GameOver Zeus

The GameOver Zeus malware had a nice run for itself, making untold millions of dollars for its creators. But it was a run that ended with a multi-continent operation from law enforcement and security researchers to disassemble the infrastructure. Now researchers have identified a new variant of the Cridex malware that has adopted some of the techniques that
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New Variant of Bugat Malware Borrows Lucrative Gameover Zeus Techniques

Only two months have passed since the international joint operation to bring down the Gameover Zeus (GOZ) botnet. In a combined effort, law enforcement and service providers were able to disrupt the botnet operation and apprehend several of those responsible. The GOZ malware was known for its peer-to-peer-based (P2P) infrastructure, large number of infected
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