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Member of the ‘Crackas With Attitude’ who hacked US intel officials has been sentenced to 5 years in jail

A member of the hacker group ‘Crackas With Attitude’ who hacked US intel officials has been sentenced to 5 years in jail. A member of the dreaded hacking crew Crackas With Attitude has been sentenced to five years in federal prison. “Justin G. Liverman, aka “D3F4ULT”, 25, of Morehead City, pleaded guilty on January 6. Liverman admitted t
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Two alleged members of Crackas With Attitude group arrested for hacking US Gov Officials

U.S. authorities have arrested two alleged members of the Crackas With Attitude group involved in dumping details of officials with the FBI and the DHS. The FBI has identified and arrested two men from North Carolina men that are suspected to be members of the notorious ‘Crackas With Attitude‘ hacker group that dumped details of government agen
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Shocking, Teen hacker Cracka owned head of US intelligence James Clapper

Head of US intelligence James Clapper owned by the same hacker who broke into CIA director Brennan’s personal email account. According to Motherboard, a hacker associated with the “Crackas With Attitude” group has accessed accounts belonging to the director of National Intelligence, James Clapper. Yes, you are righ
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FBI Warns Public Officials of Doxing Threat

The FBI has put law enforcement and high-profile public officials on notice that they could be targeted by hacktivists following the recent doxing of CIA director John Brennan by the hacktivism collective called Crackas With Attitude.Brennan’s AOL email account was taken over by a teen associated with the group who posed as a Verizon employee to steal
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