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Fake IRS Spam Email Campaign Serves Up Kovter, CoreBot Malware

Last week, we reported on a post office email scam that was recently observed to be targeting PostNord customers with Cryptolocker2 ransomware. Our story noted that customers commonly fall for this type of scam because, by nature, they tend to trust institutions with which they are familiar.As a result, users were more than willing to click on a URL to arra
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The InfoSecond, Sept. 14–18: Malvertising, Millennials and More!

Ready to catch up on the latest infosec news for this week? You’ve come to the right place! We’re covering a lot this week, including millennials and cybersecurity, new tactics for malvertising, an update on the evolution of CoreBot, a new (and slightly different) approach to user education, and Apple’s decision to move from 4-digit passcod
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CoreBot Adds New Capabilities, Transitions to Banking Trojan

As researchers expected it would, CoreBot, the credential-stealing malware that surfaced last month, has added a bevy of new capabilities and reinvented itself as a robust banking Trojan.Researchers said the malware shares more similarities with Dyre, another high profile banking Trojan, than a run of the mill data-stealing Trojan.Perhaps the malware’s
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An Overnight Sensation — CoreBot Returns as a Full-Fledged Financial Malware

Co-authored by Martin Korman Just last month, Security Intelligence warned about a new and modular Trojan called CoreBot, indicating its internal structure suggested a new threat about to evolve. CoreBot’s developers did not wait long. Within a matter of days, new samples of CoreBot, discovered and analyzed by IBM X-Force researchers, revealed that the
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The InfoSecond, Aug. 31–Sept. 4: Shifu, CoreBot, Protecting Universities and More!

Get caught up with the latest information security news in our latest edition of The InfoSecond. This week’s entry features stories on a new banking Trojan discovered in Japan, addressing the myths of obvious malware, how security is protecting students and universities from constant attacks, the discovery of new information-stealing malware, and why o
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CoreBot Malware Steals Credentials-For Now

A new piece of data-stealing malware has a real thirst for credentials—and the potential for worse trouble down the line.IBM today published a report on CoreBot, generic information-stealing malware designed with enough flexibility to soon ramp up its capabilities to exfiltrate data in real time. “CoreBot appears to be quite modular, which means that
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Watch Out for CoreBot, New Stealer in the Wild

Co-authored by Martin Korman When it comes to discovering new malware, it is much more common for researchers to run across information stealers, ransomware and remote-access tools (RATs) than it is to encounter brand new complex codes like banking Trojans or targeted attack tools such as Duqu. Nonetheless, it is the lesser breeds, like information stealers
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