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How Containers Support the IT-OT Convergence

The worlds of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) are colliding. In July 2019, Automation.com cited a survey finding where 82% of respondents told Forrester and Nozomi Networks that their organizations were in the early stages of an IT-OT convergence. Some said their organizations were embracing this meeting more fully.This finding be
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Explained: What is containerization?

Containerization. Another one of those tech buzzwords folks love to say but often have no idea what it means. A better way to organize children’s toys? The act of bringing tupperware out to dinner to safely transport home leftovers? Another name for Russian dolls? Containerization is, of course, none of those things. But its definition might be best
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TSC Frequency For All: Better Profiling and Benchmarking

Have you ever tried using LLVM’s X-Ray profiling tools to make some flame graphs, but gotten obscure errors like: ==65892==Unable to determine CPU frequency for TSC accounting. ==65892==Unable to determine CPU frequency. Or worse, have you profiled every function in an application, only to find the sum of all function runtimes accounted for ~15 minutes of a
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On Monoliths, Kubernetes, and Monitoring: Transitioning to Docker at Major League Soccer

Earlier this week at Tectonic Summit hosted by CoreOS, we heard Brian Aznar speak about his experience migrating to Docker and Kubernetes, and how his monitoring strategy changed as well. Brian is the director of engineering for Major League Soccer. Brian was interviewed by Loris Degioanni, founder of Sysdig. Below is the text of the conversation, slight
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