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Apple vs. the FBI: The legal arguments in a nutshell

Apple has raised some interesting, and potentially winning, legal arguments in its motion to overturn a judge’s order requiring the company to help the FBI unlock the iPhone of a mass shooter.The FBI's request for Apple to write new software to defeat password protections on the phone violates the company’s free speech and due process rights, Apple argue
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BlackBerry eyes IoT, diversifies with new cybersecurity practice

Struggling smartphone vendor BlackBerry is looking to diversify its business by launching a cybersecurity consulting service, focusing in part on the Internet of Things, and providing related tools to customers.The Ontario smartphone vendor, an early standard bearer for multifunction mobile phones, announced Wednesday it has acquired U.K. cybersecurity c
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White-hat hackers key to securing connected cars

WASHINGTON -- It's a scary prospect, barreling down the highway when a hacker seizes control of your brakes and power-steering system.The specter of hacking a vehicle, potentially a matter of life and death, demands auto makers to elevate security as a priority as they develop ever-more sophisticated in-car technology, a member of the Federal Trade Commi
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This bird could be a drone's worst enemy

When it comes to the problem of stopping errant drones, there's been a number of high-tech solutions -- from radio jamming to laser beams to nets launched by other drones  --  but a group in The Netherlands is proposing a low-tech solution that's much more elegant.Guard From Above says it is training birds of prey to attack drones, taking advantage of th
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Let us look at the code running our devices, says Federal Trade Commissioner

Consumers should have the right to inspect the source code for connected devices they own, to ensure it doesn't contain bugs or backdoors, one U.S. Federal Trade Commissioner believes.As we connect our homes, our vehicles and our clothing to the Internet of Things, "We need to be very mindful of consumer data security and be very careful of anything that
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Living the CES security farce

Are you kidding me?I recently returned from the Consumer Electronics (CES) trade show in Las Vegas, and that question has been on my mind. The question doesn’t refer to any of the technologies vying to be the next big thing — although I do wonder how many Bluetooth controlled vibrators does one really need? No, what has me wondering is the big announceme
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Scammers target Dell customers after apparent data breach

As you likely know, online scammers often contact Windows users and pretend to be support techs. They say they have detected a problem with the person's computer and want to fix it. Consumers naive enough to grant access to their computers via remote software are presented with large bills for the service — though the bogus techs don't actually fix anyth
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How long will consumers put up with the IoT's failures?

A recurring theme undercutting the enthusiasm surrounding the Internet of Things and smart home at CES this week has been how the shortcomings of the technology could hold back the market. How long will consumers put up with products that don't work, fail to connect to the network, or put their privacy at risk?A panel of IoT support experts speaking at C
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Lowe's to add emergency dispatch service for Iris DIY smart-home systems

Smart-home gadgets look cool, but the services connected to them may be more valuable to many owners in the long run. Home-improvement chain Lowe's plans to make more of those services available to do-it-yourselfers.By the middle of this year, owners of Lowe's Iris home gadgets will be able to buy professional monitoring, including dispatching of first r
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LifeLock fined $100 million for false claims

I’m always skeptical about companies that promise to protect you and your family when they run a commercial showing earnest men and woman wearing headsets while sitting in a room filled with large computer monitors. LifeLock, a company that promises to protect your identity 24 x 7 is one of those companies.It turns out that my skepticism was well-founded
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Bag checks and bomb-sniffing dogs could turn CES into a hellish snarl of lines, lines, lines

CES, the biggest trade show on earth, is about to become the biggest hassle, too. On Thursday the Consumer Technology Association said it has implemented unprecedented security measures in light of recent “global tragedies.”That means police in tactical gear will roam the hallways with bomb-sniffing dogs and mix in with the drones, gadgets, selfie-sticks
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This is why tech toys are dangerous

Toys are dangerous.No, I'm not talking about toys with sharp edges, toxic materials or small parts that constitute choking hazards.I'm talking about hacking -- a new threat to the safety of children. Last week, the risk got real.Of course, smart and connected toys can be fun for kids -- and safe, too. But as we learned last week, the new generation of to
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Black Friday, er, Black November tech deals include cheap iPads, free shipping

Online tech retailer Newegg isn’t messing around with just Black Friday anymore. It’s calling all of next month Black November as it gears up for holiday sales in what’s looking to be another all-out battle for techies’ wallets.Newegg hasn’t released specific sale information yet, but has outlined plans to kick off deals on more than 900 products Nov. 1-
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Someone just bought your smart home. Did they get your data, too?

It's move-in day, and you finally have the papers and the keys for your new home. But do you have the passwords?That's one of the questions homebuyers and renters should be asking themselves now that connected devices like locks, lights and thermostats are growing more common, according to the Online Trust Alliance. The industry group joined up with the
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Despite reports of hacking, baby monitors remain woefully insecure

Disturbing reports in recent years of hackers hijacking baby monitors and screaming at children have creeped out parents, but these incidents apparently haven't spooked makers of these devices.A security analysis of nine baby monitors from different manufacturers revealed serious vulnerabilities and design flaws that could allow hackers to hijack their video
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