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HITB2014AMS – Hack In The Box / Haxpo 2014 Amsterdam

Dear friends,I’m getting ready for a short trip to Amsterdam, to attend the 5th Hack In The Box conference tomorrow … and I’m “hashtag” excited about it. HITB Haxpo and HITB2014AMS feature and amazing schedule of talks, an impressive selection of speakers and offers numerous side-events an
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HITB2014AMS – Day 1 – Keynote 1: Security at the End of the Universe

Good morning friends,  welcome to Hack In The Box 2014, hosted at “De Beurs van Berlage” in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.   This year’s edition starts with a keynote by Katie Moussouris, previous lead at Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) and now the brand new Chief Policy Officer at HackerO
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HITB2014AMS – Day 1 – Keynote 2: Building a Strategic Defense Against the Global Threat Landscape

Kristin starts her keynote by explaining that she has been in the business about 22 years ago and used to be in public services.  A long time ago, she married a husband who was in the military and ran a program for spouses to meet/connect while their husbands were deployed. During one of the meetings, they discovered &
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HITB2014AMS – Day 1 – Harder, Better, Faster Fuzzer: Advances in BlackBox Evolutionary Fuzzing

Vulnerability HuntingActive security testing, Fabien explains, is the process of generating input which travel in the application, hit a sink and violate a property.  It applies to all kinds of vulnerabilities, not just limited to buffer overflows or memory corruption bugs.   Blackbox and whitebox/greybox testing (both
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HITB2014AMS – Day 1 – State of the ART: Exploring the New Android KitKat Runtime

Good afternoon and welcome back to Hack In the Box.  I can’t think of anything better than a talk on ART, the new Android KitKat Runtime, to digest lunch :)IntroART was introduced in Android 4.4 back in October 2013 and although it is still in an experimental stage, it’s poised to replace Dalvik in the near
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HITB2014AMS – Day 2 – Keynote 4: Hack It Forward

Good morning Amsterdam, good morning readers, welcome to the second day of the Hack In The Box conference. The speaker for the first keynote didn’t show up,  so we’ll jump right into the next keynote.Jennifer starts her keynote by explaining that she’s fortunate to be able to travel to a lot of confer
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HITB2014AMS – Day 2 – Exploring and Exploiting iOS Web Browsers

iOS Browsers & UIWebviewiOS is very popular (according to StatCounter, it’s the 3rd most popular platform used).  Mobile browsers take about 20% to 25% of the market share. iOS offers integration with desktop browsers and cloud (so the same data is available to an attacker).  Many 3rd party IOS browsers have
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HITB2014AMS – Day 2 – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: GRX & A Spy Agency

Last year, Belgacom got hacked by an intelligence service (GCHQ?), Rob says. “What is so interesting about this hack, why did they hack into Belgacom, what would or could be the purpose of a similar hack?”  Before answering those questions, we need to take a quick look on how mobile networks work and how mo
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