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Cybercrime Without Borders: Bridging Gaps Between Public and Private Sectors to Ensure a Safer Future

Imagine it’s lunchtime in Manhattan. Hundreds of thousands of people are leaving their desks to visit their favorite eatery and enjoy a short time away from the office. Suddenly, elevators across the city grind to a halt and a significant percentage of New York’s workforce is trapped. After too many hours, the overwhelmed emergency responders a
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Spot (and Remedy) the Rotten Apple Before It Spoils the SIEM Barrel

We all have heard the proverb: One rotten apple can spoil the whole barrel. This also applies to many practical scenarios in our day-to-day life, like finding a stinky sock in a pile of fresh laundry. Similarly, in a security operations center (SOC), one of the tasks security analysts spends most of their time on is identifying and detecting the actual threa
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Know Your Apps: Explore the IBM Security App Exchange Ecosystem for Collaborative Defense

Collaboration, integration and teamwork are jargon you might hear daily in your professional life. We strive to collaborate with our colleagues, family and friends to achieve our personal goals and share expertise. In 2015, IBM Security took this collaborative approach to the next level by launching the IBM Security App Exchange, a marketplace for the secur
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Overcoming the Security Side-Eye: Making Collaborative Threat Intelligence Work

The facial expression has many names: side-eye, skepticism, disbelief — the perfect, singular, arched eyebrow over a pair of glasses. Regardless of the name, it is one we have seen both digitally, virtually and in person when discussing collaborative threat intelligence. Yes, we can proclaim that the bad guys are working together and organized cybercrime is
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Turn Scrap Paper Into Security Investigations With IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence

Written by Stefan Walter, Front-End Developer, IBM Security. According to a recent study from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), nearly one-third of organizations have trouble operationalizing threat intelligence despite the plethora of sources of threat data. Open standards have helped tremendously in the effort to incorporate threat intelligence into existin
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Cisco Founders Forum: One creative way to keep & energize talent

The tech industry brims with examples of bright entrepreneurs who have struck it big by selling their startups and then hightailing it out of those larger companies once contractually eligible so that they can pursue their next venture.So what the heck is Matt Cutler still doing at Cisco three years after selling his mobile collaboration startup to the n
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Collaboration Is Key to Information Security

The challenges facing security professionals certainly aren’t getting any easier – nor are they likely to do so anytime soon. Not only are the skills and knowledge that we need to operate evolving at an ever-relentless pace but also rapidly diversifying far beyond the familiar technical and governance areas we have been used to.When it seems that even the qu
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How IT can limit the risk of popular messaging apps

In the fight against shadow IT, CIOs have faced for more significant challenges than modern consumer messaging apps. And the popularity of apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage and Google Hangouts has, in many cases, led to a more open IT approach to consumer communication tools in enterprise. When IT leaders let employees use their
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Citrix & LogMeIn complete complicated, tax-free sort-of merger

LogMeIn, the makers of the popular remote desktop software as well as IT security and conferencing offerings, will become part of a Citrix subsidiary in the wake of a complicated, $1.8 billion transaction announced Tuesday by the two companies.The transaction is what’s called a Reverse Morris Trust, which apparently allows the untaxed transfer of
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Slack is letting its users take their chat credentials to other apps

Slack is offering its users a new way to sign into other applications. The company announced Tuesday that it has launched a new "Sign in with Slack" feature that lets people use their login for the chat app to sign in to participating applications. Developers of applications like Quip can now enable their users to sign in with Slack credentials, which ca
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Microsoft CEO takes a collaborative approach to cybersecurity

Satya Nadella will have you know that cybersecurity takes a village.The Microsoft CEO took to the stage this week in the nation's capital to describe a new, collaborative approach the company is taking as it deals with an evolving set of digital threats targeting an increasingly distributed tangle of users, devices and systems.[ Related: CISOs learn 5 to
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Dropbox adds U2F support for better security

Two-factor authentication is often held up as a best practice for security in the online world, but Dropbox on Wednesday announced a new feature that’s designed to make it even tougher.Whereas two-step verification most commonly involves the user’s phone for the second authentication method, Dropbox’s new U2F support adds a new means of authenticating the us
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