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Zoomed In: A Look into a Coinminer Bundled with Zoom Installer

By Raphael Centeno and Llallum Victoria Many companies around the world have transitioned to work-from-home arrangements because of growing concerns over the COVID-19 global health crisis. This new setup has highlighted the usefulness of video conferencing apps. These platforms have been utilized by companies and remote workforces to hold meetings and for ot
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Fileless Cryptocurrency-Miner GhostMiner Weaponizes WMI Objects, Kills Other Cryptocurrency-Mining Payloads

By Carl Maverick Pascual (Threats Analyst) Cybercriminals continue to use cryptocurrency-mining malware to abuse computing resources for profit. As early as 2017, we have also observed how they have applied fileless techniques to make detection and monitoring more difficult. On August 2, we observed a fileless cryptocurrency-mining malware, dubbed GhostMiner
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Fileless cryptocurrency miner CoinMiner uses NSA EternalBlue exploit to spread

A new fileless miner dubbed CoinMiner appeared in the wild, it uses NSA EternalBlue exploit and WMI tool to spread. A new strain of Cryptocurrency Miner dubbed CoinMiner appeared in the wild and according to the experts it is hard to detect and infects Windows PCs via EternalBlue NSA exploit. CoinMiner is a fileless malware that leverages the WMI (Windows Ma
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