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Drilling for Answers: Cyberattacks on the Rise in the Oil and Gas Industry

Often when we hear buzzwords like botnet, malware and spear phishing (among many, many others), we tend to associate them with certain industries — retail, health care, banking. However, in a world driven by the constant effects of newer and better technology, all industries are being affected. Specifically, the oil and gas industry has seen an increase in c
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Personalizing Energy Security With Robust Analytics

I’m both fascinated and excited by the rise of the prosumer — a proactive energy consumer who uses smart devices to manage consumption, add renewables to the mix and look for personalized services from his or her utility — especially within the context of energy security. Recent security concerns surrounding WannaCry ransomware are all the more relev
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The Road to 2020, Part III: Transforming Your Enterprise With Cognitive UEM

This is the final installment in a three-part series. Be sure to read part 1 for the more information on unified endpoint management (UEM) and part 2 for additional details surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT). Whether you read about it in a news article, saw it on a TV commercial or demoed it at a technology conference, you’ve probably had at leas
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A Dream of Cognitive Security? How Watson Can Help Small and Midsized Businesses Save Money

The is the second article in a three-part series on how IBM Watson for Cyber Security can help analysts win the arms race against the increasingly sophisticated cybercrime landscape. Be sure to read part 1 for the full story. Many large enterprises with significant investment in cybersecurity are excited at the prospect of cognitive security. But what abou
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QRadar Advisor With Watson Makes Cybersecurity More Human

Because of the vast amount of data available and the fact that more is generated every day, the British scientist Thomas Young, who died in 1829, was known as “The Last Man Who Knew Everything.” Since that time, knowledge and available data has increased exponentially. The Man Who Knew Everything In 2010, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt noted that
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Surfing the Tsunami of Threat Data With Cognitive Security

Given today’s booming cybercrime landscape, there is a general feeling among IT professionals that no organization is safe. In fact, it’s probably safe to assume that everyone is under almost continuous attack. A data breach can result in stolen passwords, compromised personal information or even physical consequences such as hotel patrons being
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Will Watson Save the Security World?

This is the first article in a three-part series on how IBM Watson for Cyber Security can help analysts win the arms race against the increasingly sophisticated cybercrime landscape. IBM’s latest and most glamorous offering in the security space is QRadar Advisor with Watson. This technology is designed to reduce the time taken to identify, classify an
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IoT: The Internet of Trouble

It might be surprising to note that the number of connected devices outgrew the world population back in 2008. By 2020, on average, each person on the planet will have about six devices. It’s fair to say that the Internet of Things (IoT) has already arrived, but what does this mean, and should you be concerned? Surfing the Tsunami of IoT Challenges Org
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Watson and Cybersecurity: Bringing AI to the Battle

“To function effectively in this knowledge economy, you need to read through trillions of data points. You basically need to go back to school every day to answer the questions that hit your desk. That is the challenge of the knowledge economy. And that is where I believe we can do something different in security with AI and cognitive.” — Marc va
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Hey Phishing, You Old Foe — Catch This Cognitive Drift?

Phishing is one of the internet’s oldest online threats. Its history traces back to the mid-1990s, but it unfortunately continues to escalate in numbers. Based on social engineering, phishing can be delivered to an email address or through an SMS message with a URL inside. It can even come from inside a document saved locally on the recipient’s e
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Taking a Cognitive Approach to Unified Endpoint Management

If you function like most IT organizations, you’ve spent the past few years relying on mobile device management (MDM), enterprise mobility management (EMM) and client management tools to get the most out of your enterprise endpoints while limiting the onset of threats you may encounter. In peeling back the onion, you’ll find little difference bet
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Intelligent Code Analytics: Increasing Application Security Testing Coverage With Cognitive Computing

In a previous post, we examined how cognitive computing can greatly reduce the false positives and noise that are inherent in static application security testing (SAST). We also showed how the reduction of false positives can be done without impacting language coverage — i.e., decreasing the rule set — which is the approach of most application security offer
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Man Versus Machine: IBM Brings Science Fiction to Life With Cognitive Security

Authored by Jeff Man. When I first learned that I would be attending IBM InterConnect to provide feedback on IBM’s efforts related to cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Watson, I started to reflect on how much IBM has already influenced the IT and security industries during the span of my career. My first recollection was from my early days of
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QRadar UBA App Adds Machine Learning and Peer Group Analyses to Detect Anomalies in Users’ Activities

User behavior analytics (UBA) has been a hot topic in IT security for some time now. With successful deployment of perimeter defense, companies must now address the threat within. This threat, whether from a rogue employee, careless business partner or external actor with compromised credentials, is real and often difficult to detect. The effects of this thr
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Artificial Intelligence in Security: How Smart Is Smart?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and its role in security was a hot topic at last month’s RSA Conference in San Francisco. But some cold water was also being thrown on the growing tendency of vendors to use AI, especially machine learning, as marketing hype. AI indeed “moves the needle,” Zulfikar Ramzan, the RSA chief technology officer (CTO),
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