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Biased AI Is Another Sign We Need to Solve the Cybersecurity Diversity Problem

Artificial intelligence (AI) excels at finding patterns like unusual human behavior or abnormal incidents. It can also reflect human flaws and inconsistencies, including 180 known types of bias. Biased AI is everywhere, and like humans, it can discriminate against gender, race, age, disability and ideology. AI bias has enormous potential to negatively affect
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The Cognitive Security Glide Path

Over the past year, our industry has seen an explosion in artificial intelligence and cognitive solutions to assist with some of the most challenging cybersecurity problems. In some cases, cognitive solutions can increase analytical capability by 50 percent. With cognitive technology providing such high efficiencies for security teams, people often ask me wh
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False Positives Are a True Negative: Using Machine Learning to Improve Accuracy

Machine learning has grown to be one of the most popular and powerful tools in the quest to secure systems. Some approaches to machine learning have yielded overly aggressive models that demonstrate remarkable predictive accuracy, yet give way to false positives. False positives create negative user experiences that prevent new protection from deploying. IT
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Weighing the Benefits and Challenges of Cognitive Adoption

The data mountain is growing at an unimaginable rate, and making sense of it requires a lot of effort and patience. Unorganized information, or dark data, is difficult to interpret, which results in valuable information passing right by marketers unnoticed and unused. Cognitive technology can help make sense of this data, better align it to business goals an
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Why Machine Learning Is an Essential Tool In the CISO’s Arsenal

The chief information security officer (CISO) faces threats such as compromised users, negligent employees and malicious insiders. For this reason, one of the most important tools in the CISO’s arsenal is user behavior analytics (UBA), a solution that scans data from a security information and event management (SIEM) system, correlates it by user and b
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Man With Machine: Harnessing the Potential of Artificial Intelligence

When we think of artificial intelligence (AI), we think of robots — machines that mimic human behavior or thought. This is partly the influence of comics, novels, movies and other pop culture tidbits, but the boundaries of AI have progressed far beyond this basic personification. Originally defined by Alan Turing, AI initially referred to any machine that co
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Responsive Machine Learning: The Necessary Evolution of Endpoint Security

Machine learning is changing the way industries address critical challenges by using the combined power of automation, cloud-based scalability and specialized programming to surface unexpected relationships and insights. With thousands of new malicious programs emerging every day, security solutions that integrate responsive machine learning can identify an
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The Cybersecurity Skills Gap Is No Match for Cognitive Security

Picture this: You are the leader of a security operations center (SOC) and yet another major ransomware attack is making headlines. Within minutes of the news breaking, you receive questions about your company’s exposure to this ransomware. You’ve implemented your incident response plan and you’ve woken your team members from their beds.
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Can AI and Machine Learning Help Fill the Cybersecurity Skills Gap?

Think about an industry that has had a huge labor problem for decades. Hiring managers can’t find enough skilled people, and it takes way too long to train someone to an effective level. With all of the advances in technology, why hasn’t there been a complete automation of procedures? The truth is that new technologies such as artificial intell
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Industry 4.0 Drives a New Era of Mainframe Security

During the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, last year, Industry 4.0 was the main topic of discussion. It was dubbed the fourth industrial revolution, a new technological vision for the entire IT world in which mainframe security plays a crucial role. In this world, the mainframe contains roughly 75 percent of enterprise data and 65 percent of act
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The Road to 2020, Part III: Transforming Your Enterprise With Cognitive UEM

This is the final installment in a three-part series. Be sure to read part 1 for the more information on unified endpoint management (UEM) and part 2 for additional details surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT). Whether you read about it in a news article, saw it on a TV commercial or demoed it at a technology conference, you’ve probably had at leas
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A Dream of Cognitive Security? How Watson Can Help Small and Midsized Businesses Save Money

The is the second article in a three-part series on how IBM Watson for Cyber Security can help analysts win the arms race against the increasingly sophisticated cybercrime landscape. Be sure to read part 1 for the full story. Many large enterprises with significant investment in cybersecurity are excited at the prospect of cognitive security. But what abou
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QRadar Advisor With Watson Makes Cybersecurity More Human

Because of the vast amount of data available and the fact that more is generated every day, the British scientist Thomas Young, who died in 1829, was known as “The Last Man Who Knew Everything.” Since that time, knowledge and available data has increased exponentially. The Man Who Knew Everything In 2010, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt noted that
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Surfing the Tsunami of Threat Data With Cognitive Security

Given today’s booming cybercrime landscape, there is a general feeling among IT professionals that no organization is safe. In fact, it’s probably safe to assume that everyone is under almost continuous attack. A data breach can result in stolen passwords, compromised personal information or even physical consequences such as hotel patrons being
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Will Watson Save the Security World?

This is the first article in a three-part series on how IBM Watson for Cyber Security can help analysts win the arms race against the increasingly sophisticated cybercrime landscape. IBM’s latest and most glamorous offering in the security space is QRadar Advisor with Watson. This technology is designed to reduce the time taken to identify, classify an
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