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Securing Data in a Multicloud Environment

The multicloud environment is becoming the standard for businesses, with 93% of organizations using this approach, according to a Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud report. The public cloud services used in the multicloud strategy are gaining in popularity, with Gartner predicting revenue in 2020 will reach more than $266 billion. “Adoption of next-generation s
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Why Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) Is Fundamental to a Security Platform

Security teams today are facing increased challenges due to the “new normal” created by the recent global health crisis. Teams that were already struggling with too many tools and too much data are finding it even more difficult to collaborate and communicate as employees must move to a virtual security operations center (SOC) model while address
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The Connection Between Cloud Service Providers and Cyber Resilience

Organizations in both the private and public sectors have increasingly turned to cloud service providers (CSPs) to support their technical infrastructure, primarily to reduce IT costs and increase the efficiency of computing resources. In many cases, CSPs can also offer protection from security threats and increased cyber resilience — though customers often
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Is a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) Right for Your Organization?

The constantly changing threat landscape makes a robust security program a moving target. But defenders aren’t standing still — from advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to real-time threat detection and adaptive risk protection, cybersecurity services are evolving to offer IT teams the breadth of knowledge and depth of functionality they need to rall
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Defragging Security With a Platform Approach

Cybersecurity leaders and security teams are going through a tough phase. On one hand, cyberattacks are at an all-time high with 8.5 billion records breached in 2019 and ransomware attacks up 67 percent year-over-year in Q4 2019, according to the X-Force Threat Intelligence Index. On the other hand, security leaders are faced with the problem of security com
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Why Hybrid Cloud Environments Require More Than Just First-Generation IDaaS Solutions

Every organization around the world is on a journey to cloud, each one facing the need to reinvent themselves with engaging omnichannel digital experiences to remain relevant in a hyper-competitive market. At the core of supporting a hybrid cloud environment is the need for a strong Identity and Access Management (IAM) program. But, embarking on any Identity
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Grow Your Business With an Evolving Cloud Security Strategy

We have all heard the castle-and-moat analogy to describe traditional centralized approaches to cybersecurity. As cloud security becomes increasingly important in the modern landscape, I think we should add one more component to the analogies we use to think about security: fog. Sometimes the fog is so thick that you can barely see what is in front of you or
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Inadvertent Insider Threats Present a Unique Challenge to Organizations

According to the recent X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2020, more than 8.5 billion records were exposed due to breaches in 2019, of which 86 percent were due to misconfigured assets. These issues affected only half of the records breached in 2018, and as the 2017 report stated, 70 percent of the 2.9 billion records lost that year were due to misconfigurat
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RemoteSec: achieving on-prem security levels with cloud-based remote teams

The world of work is changing—by the minute, it feels these days. With the onset of the global coronavirus pandemic, organizations around the world are scrambling to prepare their workforce, and their infrastructure, for a landslide of remote connections. This means that the security perimeter of businesses small and large has transformed practically overnig
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The Cloud Security Risks Hidden in Plain Sight

There are two popular attitudes about cloud security, and both of them are wrong. One belief is that putting data in the cloud amounts to putting it on the public internet for anyone to access. Therefore, the only way to keep data safe is to keep it at home and out of the cloud altogether. The opposite belief is that cloud providers cover their own bases wel
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Shrink Your Enterprise Cloud Computing Security Concerns With a Cloud Vendor Risk Management Program

According to a recent Forrester report, enterprise cloud computing adoption accelerated in 2016 and will do so again in 2017. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) remains the largest portion of the public cloud market, with global spending expected to reach $105 billion in 2017 and $155 billion by 2020. Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (
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IDaaS Vendors: IBM Cloud Identity Service Named Market Leader in Six Recent Analyst Reports

Not one, not two, but six of the most recent analyst reports evaluating the major Identity and Access Management-as-a-Service (IDaaS) vendors positioned IBM Cloud Identity Service as an overall market leader in cloud-based identity and access management (IAM). The market is crowded with both startups and large IDaaS vendors, making this is a big win for IBM
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Best Practices for Developing and Securing a Microservices Architecture

Co-authored by Chris Craig. To match the ongoing shift to cloud as a means of increasing agility when delivering services, the architectures supporting these services are also evolving. The cloud IT space is full of terminology such as infrastructure-as-code, highly scalable architectures and microservices architecture — a methodology that is gathering sig
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Hybrid Cloud Adoption: The Logical Next Step Toward Innovation and Modernization

The adoption rate of hybrid cloud among enterprises is growing significantly. Companies that have been sold on the trends and success stories are embarking on cloud transformations that enable them to introduce new services, expand sales and monetize data. To be sure, there are some security concerns for IT leaders to consider before migrating sensitive data
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How Encryption Makes Your Sensitive Cloud-Based Data an Asset, Not a Liability

Organizations are adopting encryption at a rapid and increasingly urgent pace. Why? Because encryption helps organizations support dynamic industry regulations while also protecting sensitive data that’s placed in the cloud. The trend of adopting public cloud solutions continues to grow, but protecting critical data in the cloud is still a major concer
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