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CIAM Vendors Report: IBM Cloud Identity Service Named Market Leader in Consumer IAM Leadership Compass

In the most recent Leadership Compass for CIAM, KuppingerCole analyzed CIAM vendors and named IBM Cloud Identity Service a market leader in the consumer identity and access management (CIAM) space. The CIAM analyst and author of the Leadership Compass, John Tolbert, provided a helpful overview of the consumer IAM market as well as a compass for readers to us
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The Cloud Security Risks Hidden in Plain Sight

There are two popular attitudes about cloud security, and both of them are wrong. One belief is that putting data in the cloud amounts to putting it on the public internet for anyone to access. Therefore, the only way to keep data safe is to keep it at home and out of the cloud altogether. The opposite belief is that cloud providers cover their own bases wel
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Leaking Cloud Databases and Servers Expose Over 1 Billion Records

As The Wall Street Journal recently pointed out, some clients of cloud service providers such as Amazon and Microsoft are accidentally leaving their cloud databases exposed due to misconfigurations of their services. Coupled with recent headline-making breaches, it’s becoming clear that the greatest risks to an organization might come down to a simple
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Cloud Service Reconnaissance

Securing a Cloud deploymentThese days many organizations have migrated at least some of their IT services to a cloud environment. Cloud adaptation could be as basic as the use of Microsoft Office 365 on some workstations, or it could be much more comprehensive, such as the use of a fully integrated Azure or Amazon AWS infrastructure. One of the main re
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Shrink Your Enterprise Cloud Computing Security Concerns With a Cloud Vendor Risk Management Program

According to a recent Forrester report, enterprise cloud computing adoption accelerated in 2016 and will do so again in 2017. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) remains the largest portion of the public cloud market, with global spending expected to reach $105 billion in 2017 and $155 billion by 2020. Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (
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Best Practices for Developing and Securing a Microservices Architecture

Co-authored by Chris Craig. To match the ongoing shift to cloud as a means of increasing agility when delivering services, the architectures supporting these services are also evolving. The cloud IT space is full of terminology such as infrastructure-as-code, highly scalable architectures and microservices architecture — a methodology that is gathering sig
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Is Cloud Security a Safe Bet for Highly Sensitive Government Data?

Security is the primary focus of any government agency. One of the most obvious pitfalls of these agencies moving highly sensitive data to the cloud is that they surrender control to a third party. Moreover, nothing on the internet is truly secure, and all data is vulnerable to attacks and threats. The exposure footprint to those threats is staggering unde
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Who Is Responsible for Cloud Security?

When implementing cloud projects, security is one of the most important issues. It requires companies to identify and understand the risks inherent to digitization, public networks and outsourcing of infrastructure components. Companies still fear that their data is insecure with cloud systems. IT professionals want to apply the same level of security to t
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Cloud Security Is Not an Either/Or

Now that cloud has become pervasive, organizations and individuals everywhere need to think about cloud security. To say that data is either fully secure or vulnerable in the cloud would be far too simplistic. Two Schools of Thought There are two widespread but opposite beliefs surrounding security in the public cloud: Abandon all hope! When you send dat
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Security Concerns Around Zombie Cloud Infrastructure

One of the most important benefits of the use of cloud instances over traditional network configurations is that one can be literally setup within seconds, by the click of a few buttons. This ability has dramatically reduced deployment times for test, model, and production systems. It also allows for great flexibility both from a technical and a billin
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NetFlow Data Collection in Cloud Systems

The value of NetFlowWithin a network, connectivity is everything, but within a secure network, visibility is also everything. NetFlow data can provide both these requirements. NetFlow is a Cisco proprietary technology which allows for the collection of metadata generated by the traffic (flow) within a network. This metadata is invaluable for capacity p
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Secure Shipping of Physical Data Carriers to and from a Cloud Service Provider

A cloud environment is ideally suited to store and analyze large amounts of data. If more storage space, CPU or memory resources are needed, services can usually be upgraded with ease. This situation is likely to occur because data tends to grow over time. This data could, for instance, be a sales database, ingesting logs from an e-commerce platform. T
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Cloud Computing Security: Be Secure Before Moving to Cloud

IntroductionThis White Paper describes an approach for creating a secure cloud environment which helps Project Teams to deploy their projects easily in the cloud environment while not compromising the security. The document also takes you through the risks and factors involved in the cloud model and how to treat them. This document is cloud-provider ag
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Attacking the Cloud

It is no surprise that the rapid growth of cloud adaptation has attracted much-unwanted attention from potentially harmful parties. Where a company used to be directly targeted or via a connected partner (via federation or VPN), there is now another attack vector that provides unprecedented levels of access for any attacker able to “pull it off&#
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Cloud Technology Bringing New Possibilities in Threat Management

Business leaders know that they are answerable for cyber security and privacy threats, wherever they occur in disparate enterprise systems. What many do not understand is how to design, implement and manage a real-time threat intelligence and information-sharing program.As threat management requires expert skills set in strategic and analytical thought
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