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How Threat Actors Are Adapting to the Cloud

With organizations increasingly moving to cloud environments, cloud security is more critical than ever. Cloud environments often hold large troves of valuable and sensitive data that can put organizations and their customers at risk if they are breached. At the same time, many organizations are still discovering best practices surrounding cloud security and
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What Is a DDoS Attack?

After 20 years of prominence, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks may be causing more devastating effects than ever. The first DDoS attack occurred way back on July 22, 1999 when a network of 114 computers infected with a malicious script called Trin00 attacked a computer at the University of Minnesota, according to MIT Technology Review. The infect
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Internet-Connected Toys: Cute, Cuddly and Inherently Insecure

After the FBI issued a warning on internet-connected toys in July, researchers began digging into these devices to assess their functions as they relate to cybersecurity. But before describing what one of these toys can do, it might be helpful to explain how they work at a very high level. Typical Components of Internet-Connected Toys The first component of
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Who Is Responsible for Cloud Security?

When implementing cloud projects, security is one of the most important issues. It requires companies to identify and understand the risks inherent to digitization, public networks and outsourcing of infrastructure components. Companies still fear that their data is insecure with cloud systems. IT professionals want to apply the same level of security to t
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Using Security Intelligence to Detect Insider Threats From Cloud-Based Applications

Microsoft Office 365 is popular — very popular. In 2016, Gartner reported that 78 percent of enterprises surveyed used or planned to use Office 365. With access to a range of user activity events from a variety of sources, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Azure Directory, how can Office 365 administrators correlate all this valuable data wit
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Do We Need to Worry About Shadow IT?

Shadow IT is still a challenge for organizations. With the constant introduction of new productivity and communication tools, as well as the adoption and evolution of existing services, users are more inclined to collaborate outside of IT-sanctioned applications. It is often easier to share information using one of the apps already integrated on our phones
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Shadow IT Comes of Age

The threat of technology initiatives implemented outside the purview of IT is coming full circle. Now, some security leaders encourage line-of-business professionals to investigate and experiment with externally developed systems that promise to deliver utility quickly and inexpensively. But the trick to making these shadow IT efforts viable and safe is to p
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Five Steps to Help Employees Safely Use Cloud Services

The cloud has become pervasive. The proliferation of cloud services being used across business units and IT is creating a mounting challenge for CISOs and IT organizations. Employees are using a variety of cloud services to get their jobs done in the most efficient way possible. Many cloud services are easier to use and less restrictive than enterprise softw
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How Can Access Management Platforms Improve Cloud Security?

Traditional enterprise access management is rooted on-premises. A centralized access management platform lets security administrators remove authentication and authorization logic from business applications, saving application developers time and increasing security by providing uniformity of access controls. That works well when employees and customers prim
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The Mobile Cloud: How Cloud Services Cast Dark Shadows on Mobile Activity

Cloud apps and the mobile cloud have revolutionized collaboration across the Web, and employees have embraced them with open arms in the enterprise. IT workers, on the other hand, have their arms firmly planted across their chest in this situation, fighting off the embrace like you would a goodbye after a bad Tinder date. The problem here is that these cloud
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Lines of Business, Cloud-Based Apps and the Implications of Shadow IT

As the work environment landscape changes and employees become more mobile, the use of cloud-based collaboration tools is growing. These cloud-based applications bring their own IT assets that are outside the control of the corporate IT team, thus creating a new type of shadow IT. These types of tools cause businesses to lack visibility and control. There is
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To the Cloud! Whether It’s Allowed or Not

It’s a common practice: You’re tasked with sharing documents — draft materials, spreadsheets, contact or lead lists, etc. — with multiple different colleagues, so you upload the materials to your favorite sharing tool (Google Docs, Dropbox, Box, etc.) and easily share the link so everyone can input their own edits. You can track all the edits you
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Cloud Security Enforcer Gets Tough on Data Protection

Like most IT professionals, you are constantly trying to balance convenience and productivity for your employees and security for your enterprise. As more employees use third-party cloud apps and services to do their jobs, you are faced with a dilemma. You must get a handle on cloud apps being used, the sensitive corporate data being shared on these apps and
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